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- My name is Kate Bell and I am looking for an old army friend of mine her name was Jayne Atkins and she lived in Green Crescent Rowner. I believe  she married a man called Dave about 1978/79. Jayne and I joined the WRAC in Jan  1976 and spent our first 6 weeks of army life at Queen Elisabeth Barracks in  Guildford, Jayne then went on to Bicester to do her trade training, I went to Aldershot, I later got married and went to Germany and we lost touch I wonder if  any one there remembers Jayne or her family.I have happy memories of Gosport,  Jayne and I used to go to her parents house when we had a weekend of, it was  difficult for me to get home on weekend leave as I lived in the north of  Scotland so we went to Jayne's, and her family always made me so  welcome. Any news would be great.You can add my e-mail it is (Added 12th October 2008)

- Reb Lee Jones is looking to contact people who were at the Gosport High School in Bury Road, Gosport from 1953 to 1956, the year he was there. (Added 14th Dec 2008)

- Would love to hear from anyone that lived in  Durham St in the 1951 to 1966 period.Names I remember, Derek Woodford,Bill  Woodford, Bob [Robert] Woodford, Don Matthews, and a lad that lived in  Beryton Road , Bill McNamara , and his bro Ray McNamara. Other lads names that I  went with Sam Buxey.Tony Tapenden.Michael Smith.Vic Collins.Ted Row ,was best  man at my wedding in 1959 ,''ST MARY'S CHURCH Alverstoke.''And the Kent brothers  that would fight most weekends in a pub somewhere in Gosport ,them days are long  gone,pubs aint pubs no more a.There was a great fight at a dance in the CONOUGHT  [spelling?] drillhall one year maybe 1954-55, it lasted for about 30 min and  there wasn't a winner they both shook hands and went their way,the police got  there and just stood and watched.Sometimes when a fight broke out the landlord  would phone the police and the police would ask who is fighting and when hearing  who was fighting would say there was no policemen able to go,and hang up the  phone,true storey.Scraps were common in them days right out in the open not like  ''now ''them thugs waylaying old people and the like.Dogs and cats would please  themselves where they went a.And the dustbin lads always got a present left at  the bin pickup at Christmas time. And what happened to Bill Vinyl and his  bro PIPĀ the scaffolder,and the ''roof tilers family'' the Squibbs. And  the Cornelius family that lived in a kind of shelter[1949] on Forton  Rd next to that park opposite Russell St, they were a family of about 16 kids.  And remember the'' thunder man ''that went around Gosport shaking that peace of  tin that sounded like thunder.And ''Eddy Crossland'' the funeral man that would  dive off the top board in the swimming baths and swim under water to the other  end and back,he was a big son of a gun, funny man because he would do that and  then get dressed and get back to his office in Forton Rd, I think.lots of other  characters that where in Gosport. Ian you can display my e/mail  address.  Mick Leech.

- I am looking for Ray Reed , Malcolm Huntington , Graham Fielder ,Dave  Street and Phil Turnbull . We all had motorbikes in the 1960s and one pic was  taken at Hastings during the Mods and Rockers fight in 1966 . Ray and Graham  lived in Leesland Close , Malcolm near the " Fighting Cocks " pub . You can use  my email address ,Gordon Brown ( nickname Dolly ) (Added 8th Feb 2009)

Ray,Mick,Gray,Bri ,Me ,Malc by Gordon Brown hastings 1966 by Gordon Brown

- I served on the LCT's and spent many days living in  quarters in St. Geroges Bks in Gosport. I spent most of my time from 1963 to  1965 on board LCT Aachen but when ashore we stayed in the Barracks. Have fond  memories of those days and got demobbed in 1965 in Gosport. I have kept in touch  with some friends from those days but would be great to hear from the folks I  have lost contact with over the years. I have tried to contact one of my mates  named Mick Banthorpe who lived in Southsea after demob but unable to make  contact over the years. If any ex R,. Sigs and RCT folks out there that remember  me please get in touch, it would be great to hear from you. I now live in Ottawa  Canada. My email is I served as  a Radio Operator on the LCT's my name is Winston (Paddy) Manning , Ontario Canada (15th Feb 09)

- I am looking to find old friends in Gosport left 1982, pals from football days ,Robin Heath,Graham Hale, Keve Dornan, Brian Bunce, and my first love Beverly Vaugh. I went to BrunePark until 68 did my time at GEO Kingsbury I lived at 28 Tewkesbury ave I went by Stew or Stewart Powlesland (Added 15th Feb 2009)

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