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-Susan Fehr (nee Basford of 27 Freemantle Road, Gosport) is looking for Mary Reeves and she went to Brune Park County High School in 1968 with me.  She attended Brockhust School prior to that. She could be married now -- I'm unsure of her married name.  Would love to get back in contact with her.  Thanks!

-Karen Lethbridge (now Glover) is looking for any contacts to get in touch with who went to Brockhurst Infant & Junior Schools (1956) Brune Park County High School, I am now living in Mississauga, Canada.You can use my home          e-mail address which is

-Richard G Miller would like to hear from those who were at National Childrens Home Alverstoke and Stone Lane School from 1956-62. I am interested in any photos from NCH, but  particularly any that were taken between 1956-1962 which is when my brother  and I were at NCH.

- Tony Weekes would like to hear from those who were at Brockhurst Primary School in 1948/49, the link is to a page set-up for his photos of groups at Brockhurst School, HMS St Vincent in 1954 and a post war street party in Beryton Road.

- Geoffrey Mawdsley interested in contacting two friends of mine from the 1960's, Basil West of Fareham who worked at the GEC factory in Portsmouth and Paul Taylor of Norman road Gosport who I believe ran his own engineering business. I know they would like to hear from me again!!! Paul Taylor would be 57 now and Basil West about the same. I haven't seem them for over 30 years!! I at Southcroft Road until 1967

- My name is Michael Fox, I used to live in Gosport until I was 16 years old (1990). I attended St Vincents secondary school, my peers & I were the last year to attend the school before it became a sixth form college. Most of my old school friends will remember me as Roly. I now live in Tasmania Australia & would love to hear from some old friends. They can contact me via E-Mail:

- Sam Neville said, I'm trying to get hold of an old friend called Debbie Skinner. She lived in Bevis Road and went to Leesland School. Last I heard she was working as a dental nurse.I happy for my email to be shown!

- I have just come across your web site by chance,and what a pleasant surprise !!! I lived in Gosport from 1952 until 1962,and went to Elson School and Grove Road School.I now live in Wigan Lancs. and have not been back to Gosport since 1968,when I visited my late Grandfather. My name was Kay Falconer and I lived in Elson Lane,if any one reads this and would like to get in touch my email is My best friend at school was Sandra Hewitt and I also remember a Colin Shakespeare who was a friend of my brother Ian Falconer.I am married with 3 children and 4 grandchildren a great Husband and an adorable dog "Ollie".I am now retired from nursing due to ill health,but I enjoy surfing the web and caring for my youngest granddaughter Chloe,8yrs.old. I look forward to hearing from someone !!!!!! Kay.

- Back during  WWII my father was stationed in England; he was with the North Nova  Scotia Highlanders from Canada. While there ,he had a girlfriend by the  name of Hester Cannings (her maiden name). My Dad passed away 4 years  ago, but he always kept her photos. My parents were happily married for 53  years, Dad always wondered  what ever became of her and if she had a good life. I told my father that  I would try to find any info on this woman if I could, but he passed away  without ever finding out. Do you think you could help me find answers? I found out that Hester had married and her name  now is  Hester V. Weyman and that she had once lived at 8 Park Close,  Gosport, and would  probably be about 76-79 years of age. Deborah M. Avery             (Now found by Carol Williams Thank you Carol)

- Christine Harris said I am very much trying to find a dear friend of my  family Mr John Norris (alias Spike) we have been friends for more than 23yrs but  lost contact some years ago, I have an invitation to my sons wedding with  his name on it, he used to live not far from the ferry terminal in Gosport and  used to drink in the Wyvern pub Shoot Lane .when he was a biker. I used to live  on Rowner but moved to Bournemouth 22 yrs ago, he knows where I live but I know  the house where his parents used to live but can’t remember the name not far from  the old railway line,by the MoD yard there. I last saw him about 8yrs ago when  he was in the pub trade.

- I have lost contact with an old colleague of mine that I thought you  may be able to help me out with. Her name is Sandie Page but  she got married a number of years ago to a gent by the name  of Graham Freer and they did live I believe in THE LINKS in Gosport. Do  you or can you send me their telephone number and or their e-mail  address? Arlene Breeyear

- Jeffrey Bassett is looking for parents of Francis Alfred Bassett (who married Jane Lillian).They had a son John F. Bassett, born 24 Jan 1 933 in Gosport, who later emigrated to the United States. You can add my e-mail address of as part of the query. 

- G Jenkins (nee Greaves) would like to try through this site to trace my 1/2 brother - Robert Greaves, born approx 1950 - 55 during the Korean war. His father was Leonard Greaves and his mother Sylvia (nee Crick). She was I think a local woman, though I know hardly anything about her.  I would appreciate any information your site would give me. Thank you.

- Ronald Nicholson  Bennett [ nickname Benny ] I went to Bridgemary Secondary School my street pals were Jimmy Black, Chico Burrows , Billy Sharp, Morag Black, Roger  Buckcy, I would love to get in touch with any old school friends or anyone  who knew my father Thomas Edward Bennett nickname Wiggy. please feel free to email me on

- I am trying to find a long  lost friend, Alan Wood, he was originally  from Aberavon, Wales he joined the navy and I  joined the RAF, over 35 years ago I emigrated to Canada we haven’t seen each other since, all I  know  is, he is now living in Gosport my e-mail is berniebrigitte@shaw.caBernie

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