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- I have been trying to trace Vina Morely (I am not sure of the spelling of  the surname) my reason for this is that I am named after her as she was my  mothers friend,but I have no idea where the name Vina orignated from or is it  short for something else. Apparently Vina died at a young age, does anybody  remember her?

Ray  Russell would like to hear from Derek Joyner, we used to work together at  Youngs Garage Gosport, about 57 years ago. I found this old photo torn in  half in my toolbox, it was taken in 1948. Derek is the ugly one on the  right someone may recognise him. I am now living on the Isle of Wight and  have been retired 14 years. Please pass on e-mail address.

- My name is Julie I grew up in Gosport...My Mums name was Pauline.  I would like to know how I can get to find people that I either went to  school with at St Johns Church...Or Brune Park. I would just love to meet them  all again. My name at school was Julie Anne Sansbury....birthday is  2nd April 1958. WOW Gosport has Changed a LOT SINCE THEM Days.

- I am looking for an old friend by the name of Peter  William French. Peter was born in 1934 in Gosport. He emigrated to Southern Rhodesia in 1950/1951.  His  father was an officer in the Royal Navy and may have been the captain of the  destroyer HMS Fiji at one time. Rod Kibble

- I tried to stay in touch with a few mates from Brune Park School when I emigrated to the USA with my parents in 1969. As years past it became increasingly difficult. I grew up on Fisguard Road and was one of the 1st years at what was then the new Brune Park school in 1966.
The Kevin and Stephen Inskip on Bucklers Rd in Hardway
Adrian Moss used to live on Heaton Road (51?).
Francis Plowman on Findon Road. His dad used to drive the Provincial buses. Regards Mick Long.

- Teresa Jones/ Terry Jones Went to Bridgemary High School I’m a cousin of Toni Panting, has been in South Africa 23 years now and would love to contact any school friends that can remember me, A  couple of good friends were Wendy Darrington and Kay Ison.

- My wife was born Susan Selby in Norman Road on the 13th July 1951, the daughter of William Leonard Frank Selby who was always called Len. Her stepmother was Dorothy Evelyn Selby , with her real mother's name being Dorothy Isabelle Selby. As a child she attended a school she thinks was/is in Elson Road. Her parents moved house several times, and from Gosport she on to live in Guilford Road Portsmouth (attending a sec' modern school for girl's in St Mary's Road). Following this the family moved to Andover and then back to 12 Abbas Green in Leigh Park. Then, due to family problems she left home and moved in in to lodge with a lovely lady who I knew very well, called Eleanor (known as sue) Bradfield at 14 Crondall Ave in Leigh Park. My wife Sue (nee Selby) also had a sister Judy Selby, and a half brother David Robertson (or David Gordon).

Sue's mum died shortly after Sue was born, and we know that her father has also passed away and is interred at Taunton Cemetery, but we would appreciate anyone getting in touch who either knows her Sister and Half Brother, or their whereabouts and could put her in touch with them again.Sue now lives in Crewe, Cheshire with me her Husband of 27 years, and We have two Lovely great strapping sons. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. You have my full permission to pubicise my e-mail address.Thank you. Tony Phillips.

George Gibbs says back in 1950/1 I was stationed at Lee on Solent and my Fiancée was welcomed and accommodated by a family (angels) in Gosport; they used to attend the 'Old Tyme Dances'. on board and that is how we met. On getting married in June 1951 We were again accommodated for our weekend honeymoon. Now next year after 60 years we would be thrilled if we could find the children to invite them to the celebrations.Their names were Peter Hammmond now aged about 70 and his sister Shirley who would be in her mid 70's. Received 17th July 2010 Added 21st October 2015

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