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- I have just found your site. I am tracing my half-brothers family who spent a lot of earlier years in Gosport. I am writing his history for his upcoming big 60!. His father was Robert Frank Smith who lived in Avenue Road, and Queens Road and when he was in service in the Royal Marines his good friend was Bill Goddin/Godden. I remember Bill and his wife Lily and feel sure that they too lived in one of the roads mentioned above. Bill & Lily if still alive would be in their 90's. Do any of their family still live in Gosport, as I would love to hear about Bill's time in the marines along with my step-father. Gloria Lumley (Added 6th August 2006)

- My name is Anthony [ Tony ] Cooper. I lived my younger years in Gregson Ave Bridgemary before joining the Royal Air Force in 1959. I went to Bridgemary Secondary school from the time it opened until I joined the Air Force. I now live in Queensland Australia. I would like to make contact with anyone who can remember me. I would like to know how Gosport has changed over the years. I left England in 1973 so have not seen Gosport in many years.  (Added 6th August 2006)

- Since my wife (Jenny) has looked at your site she was wondering if you can add an extra piece onto mine. She is from Gosport and went to Privett Girls School. She lived in Clyde Road Gosport. We met in 1960 and married in 1963. She was great friends with Eileen Allen. Tony Cooper Queensland Gold Coast Australia (Added 3rd Sept 2006)

- A couple of names from my era (1938-1962), My search is for Pauline Pickles of Beryton Road, Billy Skinner from Brockhurst Primary, Angela Evans of Keys Road Bridgemary, Not critical but often wonder how they are-Tony Weekes ex 102 Beryton Road(Added 6th August 2006)

- Looking for old friends! Born 1957. Went to Brockhurst, then Grammar and Bay House. I am Andrew Speight . I left England in 89 and would just like to hear from anyone who might remember me. Andrew in Grand Bay Alabama USA (Added 20th August 2006)

- Anybody remember the builder ''Hawkings' '? is that firm still building in Gosport. Also,'' Howards'' the home builder? .I worked with both of them as a bricklayer for years. Talk about lost years.---Mick Leech (27/08/06)

- The school was in two parts, boys on one side, girls on the other. Mr Gimmber was the head master at that time. Anybody that went to Privett secondry modern school at that time please sent a few words and a few names that might ring a bell. There has been no mention of Privett school I hope to hear from an old school friend. Some names I remember Michael Smith [Smithy] Vicky Collins, Dave Brown. Mick Leech. (27/8/06)

- I was born in Gosport in 1945. I attended Old Elson School, New Elson and Grove Road schools also. I moved to Portsmouth in 58. My name back then was Carol Panting and I lived at 16 Frater Lane. I would love to hear from these people whose names stay in my mind."Margaret Wallace " from New Elson school. (I can still twist my tongue in that crazy shape) "Carol Nutcher" whose mother babysat me."Royston Evans " my dear friend from the very early days he lived in Anthony Grove.  If you’re there contact me (3/9/06)

- I am Gary Dean lived in Gosport from about 1949 until 1970. I went to Stone Lane School between 1950 and 1955 then the Central School until 1956 followed by two years in the sixth form at Gosport Grammar leaving in 1963. After leaving schooI, Iworked for a while for Bailey and Whites in Portsmouth and then for a couple of years at the Ordnance Survey in Southampton. I moved away from the area finally in 1970 to Surrey where I still live in Dorking. I stillcome to Gosport regularly to visit my mother who still lives in the flat over what used to be W A Withers and Sons, Butchers, in Stoke Road. I would be interested to hear from anyone that remembers me but particularly from anyone who can put me in touch with Malcolm Shaw, one of my best friends while at the Grammar School. He lived in Norman Road until we left school in 1963 and then, I believe, moved to Saxmundham in East Anglia where he took up an apprenticeship as a Toolmaker. Gary Dean  (Added 3rd Sept 2006)

- Isabella from Canada is looking for a couple from Gosport that she promised a copy of photo taken in Perth Scotland around 15th September. She has e-mailed me a copy so I can e-mail or print and deliver. (15/10/06)

- Hi my Grandfather was Born in Gosport in 1893 he came to Australia in 1913 are there any Notting's still at Gosport? His Name Frederick George Notting – Christine Notting. (Added 19th November 2006)

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