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Leech Michael Corinthins Footbool 1963-64 Small

- Hi Ian,can you put this photo on your Gosport site? its a photo of the Corinthians Football Club, in the Gosport league around 1963-4 season. I hope to find some of the players in the photo,some names are - Mick Smith, back row far left. Stan Kelly standing next to Mick Smith. Ray Savage, back row 3rd from right. David Stone. front row second from right. Terry Tapendon, centre front row. and me, Mick Leech, front row far left. Hopefully someone will know something about the players in the photo and drop me a line. Mick Leech (Added 4th Feb 2007)

Leech Mick 1954 Lee Tower

- This is an old photo [1954] taken at Lee-on-Solent tower but in the bar upstairs to the dance room. On the left can't remember his name but he was the son of the manager of the ''John Barlycorn ''a pub at the bottom of Anns Hill Road. Next is ''John Slatter''. Next is me ''Michael Leech'',last on far right is a “Mr 'Ray Sellen''. Hope someone can remember one of these lads and drop me a line.-------Mick Leech. (Added 4th February 2007)

- I am Doug Clews and I live in Western Australia ... I am interested in trying to find out what happened to an evacuee, VALERIE STANLEY, who lived with us in Meadow Grove, Chandler's Ford (near Eastleigh) for a period during WW2...from memory, Valerie was from Gosport High/Grammar and would have been around 14 or 15 years at the time ... if you, or any of your subscribers, can help, I would be truly indebted, I am endeavoring to complete the story of my life. Email Doug

- My name is Barbara Sole, and I am a Canadian senior citizen who is trying to locate my sister whose married name is Pamela O'Flaherty. After emigrating to Canada in1951 I made a brief visit to Gosport in 1962 at which time I visited my sister who was living in the Chantry Road --Eastbourne Avenue area. Since that visit all contact has been lost. If anyone in Gosport has any information of the whereabouts or demise of this person, please contact me by e-mail at (Added 18/3/07)

- Can you help find my good friend Olga? I think her last name is Hemmings or Kurzfield. I believe she lives in Gosport. She has two sets of twins, the oldest are calles Jack and Lilly. Olga is about 36-38 years of age. Last I've seen her was in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Jacqueline Veken (20/5/07)

- I went to Privett Secondary School 1964-66, I would love to get in contact with somebody who might have pictures. My family moved to Toronto, Canada in October of 1966 but I have very fond memories of the place. It is so long ago I only remember 1 name a John Richardson who went to Privett Secondary and lived on Elmore Road in Lee-on-the-Solent. My maiden name back then was Rosemary Bird, we livd at 4 Elmore Road. Anyone out there who has anything can contact me at . I haven’t been back to England for 40 years but what actually happened to the old School I have been searching the Internet but can’t find anything Rose White (Added 3rd June 2007)

- I have emailed to advise that the Privett School was merged with Bay House in 1972 later was closed and houses and flats are not built on the site. Ian

- I am trying to locate a family that was in the children's home in Alverstoke Gosport, I went to school with Catherine Weir at Bay House Comprehensive in 1972 and her and her brother and sisters were regular visitors to my families home. We moved back to Portsmouth and our friendship continued with Catherine and her siblings still having regular visits to our house, my Mother & Father were also very fond of the children and treated them as their own. We emigrated to Australia in 1974 and lost contact, I would dearly love to find this family, I have thought of them often over the past 33 years, and would like to know that they are happy with families of their own. Catherine would have been born 1960, John 1958/59 not to sure about the younger siblings. Sandra Smith (3rd Jun 07)

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