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- Kath Voller (nee Murtagh) asks is there any relative in Gosport or surrounding areas of a family whose surname is ‘Russell’. There is a Christine, Alexander, Norman, David or John. The parents were Eric and Iris Russell . They lived in Beryton Road, then Portal Road. Then emigrated to Australia. They went on the Canberra. We had the address but due to moving ourselves, we have lost their address in Australia. Chrissy was a very close friend of my sister Eileen. I do remember there was an Uncle Norman and Auntie Rose and an aunt in the old Lee Road, 30/3/08

- Wendy Atkins (nee Stevens ex Stone Laner and Central School), now living  in Western Australia, if there is anyone out that that remembers me,  please feel free to supply my email address. Wendy from Down Under

- My name is Andrew John Turner, I was born July 4th. 1955. I would like  to contact any relatives in Gosport. I have been living in London,  Ontario, Canada since I emigrated here in 1975. I would love to hear  from my half sister Amanda Coles and my Uncle Royston Paine and other  other relatives that may remember me. Andrew Turner (26th May 2008)

- My  name is Den Rutledge.Anyone remember the Ace of Clubs Youth Club it was open  twice a week, Grove Rd.School, I was there 1950 to 1955. A few of the names I remember are Des Collins, Daisy Reeves, Yvonne Leach, Alfie Steel,  Malcolm Fletcher, Ian Smith, George Cain and many others. The Youth leader was a  Mr Smith, later was was Mr Bastard who was the school board man. (Added 10th August 2008)

Ace of Clubs Outing 1953 by Den Rutledge

Ace of Clubs photo of club on a coach  outing, date about 1953.

- My fathers family, I believe lived in Frater Lane Elson, sadly they have all passed away now and I don't really know much about them I do remember my father taking me over there from the I.O.W when  was a small girl we used to get the old ferry, my aunt, Nell Johnson used to have a shop I think it was in Frater Lane it was attached to her house. I believe she had connections with the council. My fathers name was David  Jackman he was one of 9 children, they were, Harry, Gloster, Reuben ,Ellis,Charles David,Ellen Sybil , and Maurice who died at only 18 and I was buried at Haslar cemetery, (they were a naval family) I have a photo of my grandmother crossing the road outside Elson post office around 1950. It would be lovely if anyone knew any of them, Maurice who sadly died aged 18 in 1939 had a large funeral at Haslar and I also have photos of that. I have an autograph book belonging to my grand father Reuben Jackman there are entries from Gosport locals they are J H ASKEW 1943, Pat Williams 1943. Albert I Rice 1943, Joe Groves1943. G Walles 1928,  W J O (ONION MAN) T.G Gill 1943. ER Ansty 943.J W Redford entry V E day 1945. L Houghtan 1943, May Southwell 1943 Bill Matthews 1943, Yvonne Dubois.and Ruby Ask these people wrote some lovely things in this book!! I often wonder if any of them are alive.   Maryann Hoban (Added 17th Aug 2008)

- I was wondering if you could help me find an old friend Nadine Mclaren, about 15 years ago she moved from the longhope on hoy in the Orkney islands to Gosport I believe with her parents and brother and sister, her sister was called Collette and I think her brother was called Paul but i’m not 100% sure. She attended Portsmouth University in 1998 the other schools were as follows, 1994 St Vincent's College, 1995 Kirkwall Grammar School, Any help would be appreciated Many thanks Rob(Added 6/10/08)

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