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My name is Trudy Kirk.  I have lived in Gosport my entire life and in Alverstoke since 1980 with my husband and two sons.  My second son, Greg Kirk is a World Champion skeleton bobsleigh athlete.  He is currently British number 2 and is going to the Olympics in Italy, Turin 2006 and onto Vancouver 2010 in Canada.  I would like to nominate my son for the title of 'famous people from Gosport'.  He currently lives in Bath and travels the world competing, but is regularly in the national press and European television (Eurosport and European sport channels) for his achievments.
 I hope you find this information interesting and appropriate.  We are all very proud of Greg, hes had to work very hard and diligently back from a career threatening injury to become World Champion and would hope he will receive the recognition he deserves.

Here's one for your famous persons list .... Kevin Eldon - his real name  is Kevin Robinson. For some more info: go to the BBC web site and search BBC for Kevin Eldon
His parents still live in Gosport and he still sings in a local  band (Horace Batchelor & The Zeebra Kitten Blues Band) although he now  lives in London. Simon Tufnail.

- I would like to nominate my wife Doreen Haggard she wrote a book on the Bourkes Parakeet and had it published in 1997 by TFH Kingdom books it sold very well indeed all over the world. You can find proof of this if you go to amazon web site and type in either Dorren Haggard or Bourkes Parakeet...Many thanks  Andy Haggard

- Major-General Sir Thomas Aiskew Larcom, RE, KCB, Bart. He was a leading light in the first Ordnance Survey of Ireland and later became under-secretary of Ireland (1853-68). The day-to-day head of the British administration in Dublin Castle. He was knighted for his services in the late 1860s. In his final years he returned to Hampshire. My interest in him stems from my research work on the OS of Ireland and he was a key person in my PhD thesis. I propose to publish his private papers (which are in Dublin) and write a biography of this remarkable man who was such a friend to Ireland for more than 50 years. Nominated by Dr Patrick McWilliams

Richard Dawson -( Actor - Hogan’s Heroes) According to Lloyd John’s Mother he lived on  that housing estate by San Diego Rd. and was a bus conductor for the Provincial  Bus Company prior to marrying Diana Dors- Nominated by Lloyd John British Columbia, Canada. Lynn adds - His real name was Colin Emm,he lived in Durley Rd, I can't remember what number.

Nat Gonella (Jazz Musician) Nominated by Gerry Williams,  Nat Gonella Square is the in the area of the Town Hall and the is a memorial at the corner of Gordon Road and Bury Road.

Jack Hargreaves - (TV Presenter country programmes) Lloyd John and his mate ran into him on Staplers Reach (off Rowner Road)  one day. He was loading some stuff into the back of his car, he said that he  lived there. Nominated by Lloyd John British Columbia, Canada

Mike Hugg (of Manfred Mann band of the 60’s) son of the jewellers in the High Street, Gosport. Nominated by Janet Cook

Trevor Jesty (cricketer) Nominated by Ian Jeffery,       I had just got off of the bus from Southampton, back from work. I was walking to Bury Cross and I saw someone I though I knew, say at school, fortunately, I realised who he was before I reached him.

- I am seeking information about my ancestor James  Holroyd, friend of William Wales, the mathematician and astronomer. He died  in Gosport in November 1785, leaving his "charts and other instruments of  navigation" to one of Wm. Wales' sons. It is therefore safe to assume that he  was a sailor or connected with matters nautical in some way, perhaps as an  instructor at a naval school. I should be most grateful for any suggested  leads! James Holroyd. Chester. (Added 28th October 2007) 

 -Around 1810 - 1816 Abraham FAURE born 1795 and from Stellenbosch in South Africa went to study for the ministry in  Gosport under Dr David Bogue, one of the founders of the London Missionary  Society. At the age of 27, he was appointed  minister  to the congregation of the great church at Cape Town. His missionary zeal  in a country of people  dispersed over large territories, dominated education reform in  the widest sense. In a packed long life, he started a seminary for training  new ministers, founded schools and colleges at all levels of  learning, established libraries and provided South Africa with national  and local newspapers. Apart from all this, were his weekly  thundering sermons in church. His work had a lasting effect on South  Africa. Could you tell me anything about Dr David Bogue  and his school for the ministry in Gosport, and/or refer me to sources of  information? Would there still be records of personnel, pupils and subjects  taught? There was a new urge for missionary  work at the end of the 18th century, with much activity by the London  Missionary Society. There was scope for this in South Africa. Abraham's father,  who was a prominent figure in the Cape, gave his sons a sound education. Two  were destined for the ministry, and Abraham was sent to Gosport. Later, when  Napolen had been defeated in Russia, Abraham continued his education at the  Utrecht university in the free again Netherlands. Apart from his great  interest in education and libraries, he did much to promote missionary work in  the expanding occupied new territories in north-eastern South  Africa. Tony Faure Netherlands (20/1/08)

- An important omission is my father's friend Alderman Gregson MBE (road named after him) who was Mayor of Gosport throughout the World War 2 years and a great man of the town.Herbert ('John') Walker. Added 28/12/2015



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