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- Wolston Dixie, ask if anyone knows anything about the Mason Boys Monument in Fort Road, who were the Mason Boys and why the monument needed a door and ventilation holes. Thank you. (11th June 06)

- [A mysterious triangular pillar at the entrance to Fort Monkton - it shows very well on Windows Live Local Birds Eye View] Today I examined the OS 25" to the mile maps in the BL [Sheet Hampshire LXXXIII(83)/14]. The 2nd (1898) and 3rd (1910) Editions show nothing as the whole area to the south of Fort Road is blank for security reasons. However the Revised (1933) Edition is much more fruitful (surveyed in 1931), as all this area is shown - this is two years after the date on the pillar.

The whole area was completely different from today, and was a huge military camp called 'Monkton Hutments', with barracks, parade ground, chapel and narrow gauge railways. The pillar is shown in the centre of all this, and is labelled 'Clock Tower'. There is no clock on it today, and no sign of where it was. It is possible the top has been rebuilt with ventilation holes where the clock was, it does look different from the rest of the tower, or perhaps it sat on top, with three dials. Presumably the Royal Engineers were in the Hutments, and the clock was removed when the Hutments were cleared. The door would be explained by the neccessity to wind the clock but for the still puzzling remaining feature - when I peered through the central crack in the door and let my eye accommodate to the dark I saw with difficulty what I interpreted as one or two steps of a spiral staircase *going down* - I am pretty sure it was not going up - perhaps someone could check to clarify?  Wolston Dixie (Added 20th August 2006)

- I have a large photograph of the players of Grove United, photographed by W. Harvey, High Street, Gosport, in 1912. I wonder if anyone out there knows the names of any players in that team or could provide any information on the club. Is it Grove United of Grove Avenue, Gosport, or perhaps Grove Road school. Once researched the photo (and mount) will go on to E-bay on behalf of a local charity shop. Thanks. Sue Jones

- I would be interested to have a look at the photo that is mentioned above. (Grove Football Team). I too have three or four photos of adult football teams in the early 1900's  and I know my father is in all of them. I wondered if the Grove United  picture may be the same as one of these. Thank you - Valerie Page.

- Can anyone help me locate prints of the Portsmouth Harbour D-Day painting? The painting shows amazing detail of the Beach Street embarkation ramp and an LCT and a LST (from Hardway). Prints were on sale at the 50th anniversary but I know not from where I might find one. David Maber (Added 20th August 2006)

- I am trying to locate pictures and description of the large barge type vessel with a tall radio mast that, I think, used to be moored off Hill Head or to the west in the 1950's. Any ideas and a steer for where to look? Peter Rickard Webmaster FAAOA (Added 3rd Sept 2006)

- I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Whittington House, Now 206 Elson Road, or the Navy and Military Arms pub which is almost opposite. The former was owned at one time by Thomas and Sarah Champion. Any info will be very much appreciated....Debbie Lyness (Added 11th August 2006)

- I am looking for a (preferably 6 x 4 colour) photograph of the Clock Tower Pavilion at Privett Park before it was vandalised last year. If you can help me find one I would be grateful. Bob Elliott Tel: 023 8025 4611 (Added 11th Aug 06)

- Philippa said, in 1914 my Father was at Haslar hospital, he had been invalided from the Royal Navy where he was serving on HMS Victory, I just have the one document which was discharging him from hospital dated 14 July 1914, I don't know who to ask about him, can you advise me please, I have his official number and that he was an ordinary seaman of good conduct, would like to find out about his time on HMS Victory & why he was in hospital,he later joined the Army and fought in France, any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. (Added 8th October 2006)

- I am currently researching my family history and have discovered that one of my ancestors was a German National who joined the French army and fought in the Napoleonic wars. He was captured by the British on 15/8/1809 and taken to Forton. I am therefore enquiring whether you may have or be aware of any information that may exist in relation to my ancestor or his time at Forton. Many thanks Sarah Clarke (Added 29th Oct 2006)

- I have lived in Gosport for 36 years ago, I moved into a house in OLD ROAD, Gosport. Myself and my family have been experiencing some weird goings on in our home even so to this day. Just wondering if you could tell me if there was anything at all on the site of these houses so we can try and piece some things together. (Added 29th October 2006)

- I am researching a chap who died on the HM Submarine Thames. I see that a memorial fund mentioned on your site, gathered sufficient cash to build a bungalow. Do you know it's address? Have you any other information on this fund or the Thames? Any help greatly appreciated. Regards Wendy Pockson (Added 29th October 2006)

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