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- In 1901,  Gt Gt Gt. Grandfather, John Burt, was a patient at, what I assume to be, a Military Hospital, which appeared to be in Alverstoke. He was a former Royal Marine and was described, in the census, as a "Navy Man". Would this have been the Hospital at Haslar, or was there another one in the Alverstoke area? In 1891, he was lodging at "The Black Dog" in Alverstoke. Do you have any information about this.  Margaret Alexander (Added 6th November 2006)

- I'm doing genealogy work. Is there or was there an area in Gosport/Alverstoke known as Elim? This would have been in the late 1800s.Thanks, Nancy Miller (Added 19th Nov 2006)

- I have been trying to find info on an old farm in Gosport, with no success. I am trying to find out who lived at Dayshes Farm, Gosport in the 1940s. Any info you may have would be extremely welcome. Dave Crawley. (Added 26th Nov 2006)

- My Grandfather was Born in Gosport in 1893 he came to Australia in 1913 are there any Notting's still at Gosport? Could they be related? His Name Frederick George Notting E-mail (Added 26th Nov 2006)

- I am searching for any information regarding the address of 26 Ferrol Buildings, Forton. Attached is my grandfather's birth certificate of 18th April 1890. His name was William Ernest Patterson and his father was Charles Patterson, a musician in the Royal Marines and his wife was Elizabeth Patterson (formerly O'Keeffe). Do you have any records of these buildings or, indeed, any information about the people above. Any help will be appreciated. Brian Middleton (Added 10th December 2006)

- I served in the REME at St.Georges barracks in 1953 as an armourer, I have happy memories of the place and people. I was then posted to 40 base WKSPS Singapore on the troopship Windrush. Have you any photos of the barracks as they were? I visited some time ago and railings had replaced the boundary wall. Any help would be much appreciated. Andy Atkinson (Added 31st December 2006)

- I'm hoping you can help me locate the exact position of Portland House, 85 South Street in 1926 . My father was born here and although I have a map of the area from circa 1933, the buildings have no numbers on them.  I know that No.70 is the number for the George and Dragon public house but as this is on the opposite side of the road I'm not sure how following the street numbers here would help in locating Portland House.  Therefore, if you or anyone out there can help with either photos, information on the building or  in pin-pointing a location I'd be really grateful. Please put my email address on this request. Christine (Added 31st December 2006)

- I wonder if you have any photos or information relating to Christ Church Institute, Avenue Road? The building is due to be demolished soon and the Church is trying to put together a 'Memory Book' of the building and how it was used during it's hundred year life. Julie Byrne (Added 7th Jan 2007)

- I have been cleaning out our attic and came across a one gill pewter measure. It is inscribed "Gosport Club" . It looks like maybe from the early 1800's. I bought it in London in 1970, and was wondering if you would know anything about it. Kathleen Kelliher (Added 14th November 2007)

- I am doing some work on my family history and I am trying to find any pictures of No1 bungalow Warders Court off of Leesland Road. My grandmother lived there and I have very fond memories - unfortunately when I went to visit a few years ago it has all been built on - it was in the grounds of the old prison and there was a large wall on the pavement side and you had to go through big old gates to get to her bungalow was in grounds which were inside the tall wall - obviously because of the name this was the accommodation for the prison warders - I lived there when I was born in 1949 and she lived there until approx 1968 - I remember her having gas light and having to pull the chains to turn the light on and she paid to have electricity connected. Ann Harding (Added 4th Feb 2007)

- I have a lens that was originally purchased by: The Headmaster of Gosport High School, Mr. M. Bradshaw-Bond, F.L.S., F.R.M.S. It’s a wonderful soft focus portrait lens that appears to have never been used. We will be using it in a photography program that’s part of Boston University. I was interested in any background on Mr. Bond and the School. Bob Daniels Executive Director, Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University. (Added 4th February 2007)

- Could you answer a question for me my late father in law told me Stanley Park was left to the dog walkers of Gosport. Is there any truth in this I have asked many people over the years and only got puzzled looks. Many Thanks Carl Ingram (Added 25th February 2007)

Yes I have been told that, when going through the park with my parents a long time ago, when we came across the Stanley pets grave stones that are still there I understand, I have not been there for a while. I will add the request to the web site to see if we can get more information. Ian Jeffery

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