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- My great grandparents were Edwin and Julia Rogers who were the licensee's of the Royal Oak Public House (now flats) I believe at the turn of 1900. Edwin was in the Royal Marines Light Infantry and most of my relatives are buried in Ann's Hill Road Cemetery. If anyone has any info on them or how I can get more info on their time at the pub. Judith Sherman & Clare Duggan (Added 1st April 2007)

- Back in the late sixties the Solent City Scooter Club used to hold it's meetings in the Conaught Drill Hall in Gosport, if you have a picky of this old building I would like a copy to add to which is growing well, we are trying to hold a reunion but are finding it difficult to track people down. Regards Marten Holdway (Added 1 Apr 07)

- Do you know of a project in Gosport in the 1830's that would have necessitated engineers being brought into the town? My great-great-grandfather, JOSEPH RIGGITT, Civil Engineer from Kent spent a few years here from 1830. Three of his children were baptised at Holy Trinity Church, Gosport before the family returned to Kent. I was wondering about the railway but that seems to have been after 1834. I would be grateful for any help. E-mail Regards Beryl Stone

- I was hoping someone may be able to help me on a two part family history problem I’m having. Firstly I have recently discovered an ancestor of mine was buried at Holy Trinity in the 1850's and I have been trying to get hold of the burial records and a layout of the site to see where the grave would of been. The church hasn't anything and neither do Portsmouth Record office or Winchester Record Office. I've been to the Discovery Centre where there was a book detailing headstones but again no luck. Can anyone suggest another route or a local historian who could help?                   Secondly my ancestor lived at Spencers Court for a number of years and I’m trying to get a map with Spencers Court on it or illustrations of perhaps the type of buildings and accomodation they would of lived in. As far as I can work out it was between 63 and 64 North Street and was made up of 12 houses. I think it was still there in 1901 though may have had its name changed to Fifield Court which I found as late as the 1930's. I hope someone can help. Mandie Oliver

- I was born in Gosport in 1948 and moved away in 1985. I have a relative who appears to have been born in Britain Street, Gosport. I cannot recall a Britain Street, do you happen to know where it was? Dave Lock. 

- I am currently researching the Black Bear Public House which was in North Cross Street. Does anyone have any information/ pictures / stories? Simon Cox (12th May 07)

- I am looking for a picture of Lee Tower to give as a present, are you able to help or point us in the right direction? Many thanks Alison(3rd June 2007)

- I am an American writer researching & writing an account of the life & military, naval & secret agent career of one Heathcote Muirson (ca.1755-1781 Yale1776. Washington described him as ,"The Gallant Mr. Muirson". He was a younger son of a wealthy, influential Loyalist, Dr. George Muirson, renouned smallpox specialist. Thus he grew up in a privileged family on Long Island, NY. While his elder brother Sylvester Muirson & his younger brother Benjamin Woolsey Muirson, both served in Loyalist military units, Heathcote joined a Connecticut Rebel unit, shortly after graduation from Yale. He served in the then rebel, General Benedict Arnold's heroic "navy" on Lake Champlain at the bloody, Battle of Valcour Island, October 11-13, 1776. After his capture aboard the row galley WASHINGTON, he was paroled by British General Guy Carleton & lived in Fairfield, Connecticut until exchanged in 1778. As he wrote to Benjamin Franklin (see below) he immediately joined the crew of a privateer. In July he found himself a prisoner of war at Forton Gaol or Prison, near Gosport & Portsmouth. I am interested in corresponding with someone who is knowledgeable about Forton Prison & might advise me of sources of information about its history. He appears to have escaped to France, where he received aid from Franklin to return to the fray. By early 1780 he participating in daring, raids on Long Island & in the "Whaleboat Wars" on the Long Island Sound, (no man's land between rebel Connecticut & British occupied L. I.) Soon he was acting as a secret agent for General Washington. After many adventures & close calls, while guiding a French attack on a Long Island British stronghold, Fort Franklin, Lloyd's Neck, he was mortally wounded, July 12, 1781. Any assistance will be gratefully received. Regards, Darrel Blaine Ford (Added 3rd June 2007)

- One of my family members was transferred from his ship to Haslar Hospital in March 1817. Can you tell me please where the records are kept for the hospital for that period? I would be grateful. Joan (10/6/07)

- Do you have any information on Harry Gill Motorcycle this old Lambretta/ Vespa dealer and any idea if any of its sales records were retained. I am researching the history of our old scooter club that has links in the Gosport pages. Chris Bracey (Added 10th June 2007)  

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