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- Please could you give me any history on Crown Mews in Clarence Rd . tnx Tony (Added 8th July 2007)

- I am looking for information regarding Civilian Employees in Priddy's Hard Powder Magazine 1800 - 1900 Gillian Johns (Added 4th Aug 2007)

- Ray Seal who won the Burbridge (not sure of the spelling) cup for Gosport Schools diving competition at the Gosport open air swimming pool in 1957 and 1958 wondered if anyone knows if the cup is still around, or were you another winner of the cup in other years. (Added 26th Aug 2007)

- Tony Weaver of the GCA Social Club, is looking for an old painting of Haslar Bridge painted from Walpole Park. Let me know if you you know where it can be seen. (Added 26th Aug 2007) 

- Would you mind posting a local info request to see if anyone has photos of or can recall the pennant number of the old minesweeper wreck on Forton Lake's north shore between Grove Road park and Priddy's Hard? The local members of the Nautical Archeological Society were enquiring about it at a recent open day at St Vincent. Regards, Dave Press (2/9/07)

Simon Willis has advised that the pennant number of the old minesweeper  in Forton Lake was FYFT293. (Added 10th August 2008)

- On talking to my Dad, who grew up in Gosport in the 40's and 50's he told me how he cycled on a velodrome/cycle track in Gosport Park, Gosport.When I was scouting in Gosport (the hut in Gosport Park) I do remember there being a now grassed over verge  in the shape of a banked circular track. I just wondered if there was any writing about the track, any history of it, and especially any photos ? Paul Cox (Added 16/9/07)

- Gosport Park Cycle track had a concrete surface about 1952 when my father taught me to ride a bike on it.Trevor Dawe, once of Shaftesbury Rd, Stone Lane School, Gosport Grammar at Bay Hse and now of Melbourne

- I would be most grateful if you would help my parents trace the history of their home (if any)! They have just moved to the Old Bakehouse 1887 1a Vernon Road and are intrigued by the plaque on the front stating the above. I have tried looking on the net but can find nothing. Debbie skipp (on behalf of Brian and Joan Anderton) (Added 7th October 2007)

- Do you know anything about the Burbridge Gosport School Diving Cup if you do Click Here Thank you. (26th Aug 2007)

- I was  looking in the archives and historical photos for some old photos of when Rowner  estate (on nimrod drive, the old naval barracks) was first built. I  saw some photos in the the past and how clean it was, and wondered if you know of where I could find any. Bob Fischer

- I was born in Gosport in 1945 and lived on Frater Lane. In either 49 or 1950 I attended Old Elson School. When I was 7 I then went to New Elson Juniors. I have recently been told that Old Elson was pulled down back in the early 50`s and homes were built there. I was under the impression that we only attended that school until we were 7 as it was an infants school and only had room to keep us until that age. Maybe someone still in the Gosport area can set me straight. Also are there any old Gosportonians like me out there who might have class photos from 49 to 52 or 53. Miss Shirley I believe was the name of my first teacher and Miss Ayre was headmistress. Would so appreciate hearing from anyone. My name back then was Carol Panting. You can email me at or write to Carol Williams. 19929 Silverhope Rd, Hope, B.C. Canada VOX 1L2 (Added 14th Oct 2007)

- I am trying to find  some old photographs of Alverstoke Village as it was in around 1945 - 1950 for  my mother's birthday.  My auntie owned the pub which is now next to  Threshers. If you cannot help, could you please point me in the right  direction. your  help. Tracey  Farrell (Added 14/10/07)

- My name is Catherine and I am emailing you on behalf of my dad. My dad and his sister are trying to trace some paintings that were painted by their grandfather Percival George Collins (he signed them PG Collins). We believe that some are or where once hung in Haslar Hospital. I don’t know if you can help at all I just came across your site. Catherine Gray (14/10/07)

 - My father joined the Rifle Brigade in 1936 & did his recruit training at the regimental depot in Winchester. From May to December 1937 he served with the home service battalion 1RB - at Gosport, before being posted to 2RB in India. I have a photograph of a platoon group in dress greens which I think must have been taken in Gosport. In the background is a building which has the words ˜Spirit Store” at the top of the building. Below that & to one side of an upstairs window you can make out parts of words.  The top one looks like ˜ORE”  Below that is ˜CLARE” & below that again ˜TAV”  I have had a look at your website & saw a 2001 photo of the ˜Clarence Tavern” which could well be it. Do you have any older photos of that pub & was it, anywhere near the barracks of 1RB  Chris Prickett, (14/10/2007)

- I am trying to find out the history of my house in Pump Lane, Gosport, I believe it was built approx 1860? Do you know of any local contacts who I would be able to approach for information? Collette Ferrow (14/10/2007)

- Whilst speaking to my auntie recently about family, she told me that her  grandfather, (my great grandfather) was working for Hunts the builders when they  built St Johns the Evangelist Church in Forton Rd and that she  understood he actually fitted either the cross or lightening  conductor to the top of the spire on the completion of the building. She also  believes that somewhere there is a photograph of him actually fitting the item. Could you possibly let me know if there is such a photo about and would it be  possible for us to obtain a copy.  Steve Civil  (Added 4th November 2007)

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