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- 7 South Street, Gosport. Great Grandfather who resided there in the early 1930s. Is there a copy of properties in that Street available. My  mother, daughter in law and I attended the Falklands Memorial Service in Gosport  marking the 25th anniversary of the loss of my late husband Bob who sadly died  whilst serving on HMS Sheffield in 1982. Many photos were taken whilst the  bereaved laid flowers. Do you know whether there are any photos available  as I should love to add one in an album I have compiled concerning my  Bob's naval career and family life. - Sue  Fagan (7/10/07)

- Do you know if any of the pubs in Alverstoke were owned by a  William or James Voller round about the 1890s early 1900s? look forward to hearing from you. Wendy (Added 3rd December 2007)

- Last year some letters that my father had written  to his mother came into my possession. They were letters home from school  and covered the period 1901 to 1903. According to the address on each  letter, he was at the Royal Naval School Lee on Solent. I have been quite unable to find out anything about  this school on the internet. Most references to the navy seem to start  with the Fleet Air Arm in 1917, and there is also nothing about the school on  the Royal Naval College website. Could you perhaps put me in touch with a  local archivist, or someone who might know about this school. I am particularly interested in that I have  recently researched my father's First World War diary. He in fact went  into the army not the navy, which is perhaps why there is no mention of the  school in his army records! He went on from Lee on Solent to Trinity  School Stratford on Avon, which was an army crammer. The archivist at the  Royal Shakespeare Trust was very helpful in providing information about  this. I would be very grateful for your help in what is  an intriguing mystery. George Hacker (Added 3rd Dec 2007)

- Around 1810 - 1816 Abraham FAURE born 1795 and from Stellenbosch in South Africa went to study for the ministry in  Gosport under Dr David Bogue, one of the founders of the London Missionary  Society. At the age of 27, he was appointed minister to the  congregation of the great church at Cape Town. His missionary zeal in a country of people  dispersed over large territories, dominated education reform in the  widest sense. In a packed long life, he started a seminary for training new  ministers, founded schools and colleges at all levels of  learning, established libraries and provided South Africa with national and  local newspapers. Apart from all this, were his weekly thundering  sermons in church. His work had a lasting effect on South  Africa. Could you tell me anything about Dr David Bogue and  his school for the ministry in Gosport, and/or refer me to sources of  informatio? Would there still be records of personnel, pupils and subjects  taught? Tony Faure (Added 6th January 2008)

- While setting up an exhibition about General Garibaldi and the Italian Wars of Independence last year we came across the name of an English lady. Her name was Jessie Meriton White  and was born in Gosport in 1832 . She helped Gen. Garibaldi and Mazzini in their campaign. From the information we have, it appears that after meeting these two Italians , she raised funds both in England ( London and Scotland) and America. From that point on , her life is fairly well documented. So far we have not be able to find too much about her early life in Gosport. We would like to be able to actually document where she actually lived, where she went to raise funds and really anything else that could be of interest. We do know that the Red Cross was founded after one of the battles (Solferino S. Lake Garda) and that she helped one of the founders at the battle of Bezzecca ( N. Lake Garda in Jully 1866).  The museum is planning, if possible, to print a small book on her life etc.. After independence she did a lot of work and wrote many articles about the living conditions in certain Italian cities until her death in 1906 near Florence.

I have a class of 13 year olds doing some research on her life here in Italy and wonder if anyone and / or a class might be interested in getting involved. Richard Treasure. (Added  6th January 2008)

- Walking down Ordnance road towards the town hall /Library, (on the corner of Ordnance road and the High Street where Chapmans laundry used to be and where John Lane insurance now is,) we noticed painted on the chimney pot (very tall) at the side of the building some large letters in white  that appeared to read "David Perkins" Do you know the origin of this please? Ann (Added 6th January 2008)

- My mother Vera Baston (nee Sears)  remembers as a young child going to St Johns Church to place flowers in  a vase under a plaque, which was just inside the main entrance. She is  unsure of the first name on the plaque. The surname was Sears. Would  you be able to advise me of the full name and the dates of birth & death. My great grandmother was married & widowed before she married Mr Sears.  Her previous married name was Millard. I don't know her maiden name.  Would you be able to give me details of the marriage between Sears and  Kate Millard. The marriage might have been around1900 -3, sorry can't be  more specific. And if possible her actual maiden name. All the Sears family went to St Johns Church & School. My mother Vera  Sears also went to the Church and school. Kate Sears was very involved  in the church and a very religious women. She lived at 42 Park St Gosport. My brother Peter Baston & sister Gloria Baston were confirmed there too.  I was too young. We moved to New Zealand In 1966 when I was 10yrs. Please  use Janice Mansell (nee Baston) (13th Jan 2008)

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