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- target=NewWindowGoshawks Gymnastics & Trampolining Club are looking for a hall in the Gosport area, the main thing they need is a high ceiling - (nb high level dusting can be arranged :-)) T: 023 9252 1976

- I’m the landlady of Olivers Bar on Stoke Rd,  was wondering if you could tell me some of the history of the pub I’m led to believe its one of the oldest in Gosport and would love to find out some of the history. Jossie 4/11

- Do you have any history or can you point me in the  direction of where I can find some information on Gosport Gun Boat Yard.  I  believe it was designed or built by Brunnel. I spent some very happy times at St. Georges  Barracks and also a little time at the Gun Boat Yard whilst a landing craft I  was Chief of underwent a refit. Michael Smith (Added 17th February 2008)

- The memories of Marina Juveniles, Sunshine Kiddies, Jubilee School of Dancing and other Gosport Dance Schools have now been moved to a page in the Memories section of the web site HERE - These include those of Wendy Atkins, Alison Gaterell (nee Marshall), Jane Windsor, Jean Wood (nee Marston) - Plus I hope otthers in the futuer

Scooner Marjorie King

- I have a pen and ink drawing of a sailing ship and steam tug(paddle wheel) done by either my grandfather or great uncle, who was in the Merchant Navy. It could be of Gosport. It has a large building in the background, could be the Haslar Hospital? The white ensign can be seen on the sailing ship, presumably making it a RN vessel, were there any RN sailing ship around in the mid 1800's. I wonder whether it was copied from a painting Marjorie King (Added 2nd March 2008)

- I am looking for  a print of "The Granary and Bakery" in Gosport for a friends 40th Birthday.  Background is that he owns an apartment at The Granary and Bakery and has  been looking for a print of the old "Granary and Bakery" for some  time. I am hoping that  you might be able to advise on who I could contact about this. I have tried  to search the Internet, but have not been successful  yet. Now able to confirm that it is the Granary and  Bakery on Weevil Lane/ Royal Clarence Yard,so we are on the right  track! Jolanda  Hovius (Added 2nd March 2008)

- We have found another English lady via some documents found in Rome. She was Mary Elizabeth Chambers married to col. John Hunchinbotton Chambers who fought with Garibald's troops. By all accounts she was with the group of English ladies helping out as nurses at the battles-Bezzecca in particular. It seems later their mission was to promote education for Italian children and it seems they started a school in Sardinia. This has not been confirmed yet but we are doing some research.

My imagination is running a little wild thinking we could maybe get together an article in Italian and English to the effect:- The Red Cross and the Gosport link / Italy as we know it today and why it must be grateful to some English Ladies ............................. I've got a lot of titles in my head. Do you think anyone in Gosport knows anything about these ladies or their influence on the Red Cross etc? I don't know if you know this area of Italy - until the 1st world war it was part of Austria. At Solferino ( just south of Lake Garda) there is a monument to the Red Cross with plaques from around the world i.e. countries where the Red Cross is present. I live in a small town called Rovereto, just south of Trento and about 70km north of Verona. Rovereto was on the front line during the first world war and there are many trenches and forts still cut into the mountains. At the end of the war they collected all the arms from both sides and 'melted' them to produce the largest bell in the world. It tolls every evening to remember all the people who have lost their lives in wars. ( there is a larger one in China but it doesn't toll). Rovereto is working to become a town - symbol of peace (translating ) hence the reason we would like to link together with these amazing English ladies ( It can't have been that easy moving around 150 years ago ). Their effort from a humanitarian point of view mustn't be forgotten-especially by the younger generation. Hope all is well and we manage to get something together. Do you think a History teacher in a local school would be interested in doing a special project with a class? Richard (added 2nd March 2008)

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