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- I am searching for Darby and Tomlins families -  Darbys, ironmongers in Gosport, Portsea and Fareham in the 19th century. And  anything on Darby's Yard in Gosport. Barbara Clements

- I am seeking information about my mother's stay in the home. I believe she was there from some time in 1913 until she went into service. She would have been about 7 years old when she arrived and was with her two sisters who were also placed there at the same time. Their names were Amy,Doris and Eva Hill. Any information would be most welcome. Jane Belcher

- I was talking to my Dad last night and he was remembering a large house the  family owned in Chapel Row before the war. Dad can remember going up onto  the roof just after the war to look out across the town before the house was  sold. Have you any idea where I could find a picture of Chapel Row that  might show the old house? Greg

I have found one of the backs of the houses on the Gosport Discovery Centre web site, I know I have seen one of the front of the small terraced houses towards the ferry end of the Row, but at the moment cannot remember where. If the house at the right end of the photo  on the Gosport Discovery Centre web site is not the one, I have asked Greg to let me know and I will have another look. Ian (Added 14th Dec 2008) 

Paul Bartlett asks - My Great grandfather died on a Gosport Ferry in 1957, Possibly on the Vadne Do you have any further information on this incident or ship? I believe the incident was on the 12th July 1957  His surname was Bartlett but I will need to double check his first name. I have been made aware that the Vadne is rotting away in Forton creek, Gosport.

A newspaper report in The Times reports the collision, stating that the HMS Redpole was leaving harbour, en route to Dover, when the collision occured the ferry being holed on the port bow. Despite the damage, she was able to make the pontoon; the death of the passenger, apparently a holidaymaker, was reported later.

- I have a request. It is that you steer me in the (E-Mail) direction of  the oldest established  photographer in Gosport.

For this reason:
My Grandparents George William Nason of Colchester, a Corporal in the  Royal Marines and  Elizabeth Murphy of Cork city were married on 20th  August 1892 at The Catholic Chapel in the District of Alverstoke  in the County of Southampton. I have never been able to find a photograph of their wedding, if wedding  photos were usual in those days. My other grandparents who married in  Co. Galway did not have a photo of their event until January 1893  although married on 23rd Nov. 1892. It may not have been common but a  photographer would know. This is a very long shot but my Coughlan, Hurton, Kaar and Nason cousins  are useless and/or secretive on this matter and any help would be  appreciated.The number of cousins produced by this pair runs to scores,  a large number of whom live in England. There may be some in the  Hampshire  area but out of contact. I am Hugh McKiernan and my mother Dora Nason was born in Gosport in 1905  and that branch of  the  Nason family moved to Cork, Ireland about  1909. The women , four, stayed in Cork and the boys, two, went back to  England via the Navy and the Marines in WW1-Hugh McKiernan. (8/2/09)

- I live in London but originate from Wych Lane, Bridgemary. Do you have any phographs or other info about Wych Lane, please?

Especially anything about it as it was years ago with all the trees and fields! My grandparents were the first to live in the first house in Wych Lane south of the railway arach, c.1933. Antony Porter. (Added 8th Feb 2009)

- My family have had links with Gosport since the  1900's and still have as my daughter lives not far from where my mother was  born. My mother Elsie Stares was born in Elm Grove  in 1907 where she lived until she was put into Alverstoke Childrens Home in the  1920's. She attended St Johns School and St Johns Church. I remember her telling me that Felton Wrapley  (spelling?) the organist ( he use to play on the radio in 40's/50's) was a choir  boy there.

I would be very interested if anyone remembers my  mother also if anyone can tell me anything about my grandfather William James  Williams my father Cecil's father they lived at Lee on the Solent back in 1916  unfortunatly I no no morethan this as my father was killed during the war 1940  and I did not know either my father or grandfather. Cecilia Perfitt (added 8th Feb 2009)

- I am writing on Bishop J C Ryle, the  Bishop of Liverpool 1880-1900.  In 1841 John Ryle (J C Ryle's father), a banker  from Macclesfield was declared bankrupt (though his wife Susanna had a private  income) and they moved to Anglesea, Alverstoke (probably to be near to their son  Rev Frederick Ryle who was then a curate at Alverstoke. Susanna died in  1846, and John in 1862. In 1845 Frederick became the first vicar of Elson, and  died in 1846.

May I ask if you could find the address of where  the two Ryle parents lived in Anglesea. I imagine it was quite a  small place then - I've seen it described as 'a watering place'. I imagine  that they weren't as poor as is made out - though they had to leaver a mansion  and estate in Cheshire! Is anything known about Frederick and why he died  so young. That he and his mother died in 1846 might suggest a common  illness or was it a coincidence?  There may be a memorial to him  in Elson church - perhaps he and his mother are buried there?

There might be an index of local people in a local  library and that or a newspaper report might give information on the deaths or  the family. Any leads or help would be much  appreciated! (Rev Dr) Alan Munden (15/2/09

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