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- When living in Gosport in the 1950s, I had attended Podds House nursey school, then Woodcote infants' school, then Holbrook primary school. Should you have any info about these schools, including photos, please let me know. Many thanks Antony Porter.   (Added 22nd March 2009)

- On a trip was a man who said that at the Gosport Masonic Hall a long long time ago I think before it was a Masonic Hall ? A lady ran the building as a place for women to take their unwanted babies. And he went on to say that this women went on to kill the babies by drowning them. Can you put any light on this please.? I've had a look on your site but can not find out anything about this !! Brian Durrant (Added 22nd March 2009)

- Request for any  photos of the Holy Trinity school that was opposite the church in Haslar Rd. I  have a photo of it after it was bombed but I cannot find any of it intact! It is for someone in Oregon whose grandfather attended the school in the 19th century. Margaret Sutton (Added 27/4/09)

- I have acquired three vases, that have been inscribed with the R N H Haslar on them they are I think Silver and I wondered if you could tell me anything about them. R.E. Simpson (Added 3rd May 2009)

There is a long set of markings which I can't recognise the markings are as follows :- 129-7088 then an arrow and the numbers 67 which I assume is the date. (Added 10th May 2009)

- I am trying to track down a pamphlet /book that I remember  from around the 1980's - The Pubs of Gosport it was a kind of guide book  listing all the hostelries with b+w photos and I think it had a red cover. It is  possible that my memory deceives me but if you know of this book/pamphlet or  where I can get one. Sean Bate (Added 31st May 2009)

- I am trying to trace "14 Monckton Terrace" as in the 1881 census. Monckton Terrace seems to still be a valid address in 1923 according to this entry on your site: "Audrey Marguerite Dowsett, b.20 May 1923, Monckton Terr". My interest is that my children's second-great grandmother lived there as a ten year-old girl. Any ideas? Robert. (Added 31st May 09)

Monckton Terrace (see one of the more recent queries) is now 6 to 38 Clayhall Road. I do not know which end was numbered 1 so am not sure what the present address of number 14 is. Philip Eley

- My name is Janice Nelson and I was born in Gosport and I lived for a  few years in Diana Close, Alverstoke until we emigrated in 1963. Our house in Diana Close backed onto the reservoir which is now a  school, and next to that was a large field that went up to the old  houses of Alverstoke (Probably Vectis Road) and along Gomer Lane. This  was fabulous for us children. in the middle of the field was a huge  tree which was everything from a house, boat what ever we wanted it to  be. I wonder if anybody would have any photos of the field especially  the tree.

- My uncle has just passed away,and would like to make a donation to THE SOUTHERN MARINERS ASSOCIATION on his behalf.I was informed that the association was in Gosport, but am having no luck whatsoever.I await your reply.Many Thanks. Mr A Woodward (Added 15th August 2009)

- I'm trying to find out about the house we've moved into in Alverstoke as i'd love to know about the history. I know it was one of 5 Coastguard Cottages. We were told it was built in the 1890's but I  have managed to find a map from 1874 and one from 1867 with the 'coastguard station' on it so it was obviously built before then, however this is the limit of the information I can find. I don't know when it was built, what the road was called years ago and most importantly cant find any pictures. I've tried to find who lived here but without a road it is difficult. It is currently called 3 Admiralty cottages, Fort road. Although it is off the Redan. Any information you could give me would be great. Thank you Amanda Vaughan (Added 15th August 2009)

- I am looking for information about Forton Military Prison.  My grandfather, Thomas Golden, was a 'resident' at Forton Prison in 1881. Do you know if the prison records are still in existence and if so who would hold them. I would also be interested in when the building was built, how long it functioned as a prison and when it was demolished or ceased to function as a prison. Kind regards Clifford Gabb. (15/8/2009)

- Jelicoes Alverstoke - The place named I have as being the birth  place of my eldest sister (deceased) born 12.09.1911. My parents lived in Alverstoke and my father was with the Royal Engineers  stationed at Haslar. His name was John Henry Beer. Can  you confirm there is an address such as this, I believed they were originally  fishermans cottages and were located at Manstons or Manstins  Harbour. Also could you advise me where I might look up this birth  record. I am the only living relative and am researching my father's  military record. From Alverstoke they went to Mauritius, where my  second eldest sister was born and then had several postings to places such as  Bermuda, Seirra Leon, Durban and Nova Scotia all whilst serving with the Royal  Engineers. Audrey J Bell (nee Beer) (8th November 2009)

- The other day I was walking past Burnham Walk, using the back alley parallel to the High Street, and noticed a round ended building older than those surrounding it. It also has black walls from about halfway up. I was intrigued as to what this building was as I had no recollection of it even though I have lived in Gosport since 1966.  I went to the old Gosport Museum and enquired there but with only partial success. It was suggested that the building was once a Naval Outfitters (for naval personnel only) Blundells, can you confirm or deny? Jim Evans (8th November 2009)

- The round ended building that you saw was originally the ballroom of the Crown Hotel which still exists as a building in the small part of the old North Street that also still exists.  The Crown Hotel dates back to Victorian times. Blundells did use the building as did the Rapid Transport System designers.Gosport Society (8th Nov 2009)

- I was stationed at Fort Grange between 1952/1954 and would love to  have some pictures of the old place if you have any. When I tell people  about the old fort that we lived in I know they don’t really believe me  but I know what an experience it was to stay there . Regards Keith Baxter (8th November 2009)

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