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- I am very interested in obtaining any photos, internal & external of “The Snake Pit” (sorry, the actual name I do not know). It was located at the crossways in Forton Road around the 1930/40s. I believe it was a local bar/dance place of interest where a lot of the marines used to go. If you have any ideas of where & how I could obtain these, I would be ever so grateful!. Abigail Elliott. (Added 14th Feb 2010)

My Reply - Can you help?

- I live near and lived in 'The Crossways' from 1965 to 1985, my Dad still lives there. Most of the road has houses and I believe started building in 1922, before that a cabbage field with a pond/ lake in it. I suspect The Snake pit was at the Forton Rod end, so expect on one of 3 sites, The Crossways Salvation Army Citadel or hall behind it, The Civil Service Club next door all on the East side of the road, or The Slone Stanley Hall on the West side but more or less opposite, as it was in the mid 60's. The Slone Stanley Hall has gone, but all those other halls on the East site are owed by the Salvation Army. Would you be able to work out the place from that, or should I add it to the Requests page? Ian Jeffery

- I am  enclosing a photo dated 1947 taken at Gosport Central School.  I am seated  4th from right front row. I thought it may be of interest. I only attended briefly and have  no real memories as we left the area in 1948, my father was stationed at  Browndown Camp up until then.  I remember the camp quite well with the  downs behind and sea in front, I can remember the noise of the troops leaving  for D Day and seeing a battleship moored by the Isle of Wight, that was after  the war I think. I attended a kindergarten before going to school run by a  Mrs Good, that may have been in Lee on Solent, I was very young,  obviously.  Anyway if the photo is of any interest you may publish  it. Veronica Pryce  (Mrs) nee Parrott. (Added 14th Feb 2010)

- I have just found your site on Gosport and as I have found connections to Forton I am writing to you to see if you might be able to help. My mother-in-law's grandfather was William Edward Lane, born in 1823.  Upon his death in 1900 he was the owner of 25 properties in Forton and Alverstoke - the whole of Trafalgar Square, Forton; some houses in Reeds Place, Forton Road and Anns Hill Lane, Alverstoke and he bequeathed these properties to his children, of which there were several. He was a builder and contractor, trading as W E Lane & Son.  I cannot find anything about that company and it does not seem to have survived him. Family rumours are that he built Portsmouth marine harbour, or a part of it, but things get exaggerated. I took a trip to Forton last week and found Trafalgar Square. I spoke to someone there who told me that there was a prison at the end of the road at some point in the past and that the houses in Trafalgar Square were let to prison officers. Nos. 6 and 7 Trafalgar Square are not there but I took photos of all the other houses which are still standing. Do you know how I can find more information about W E Lane & Son, and what they built? Any help you can give would be appreciated. Maureen Savage

- My family have been doing some research into the family history and have a number of relatives listed as living in Dark Alley in Gosport. Obviously this is a curious sounding name , though presumably speaks for itself. We have looked at a few old maps but can't find it, presumably because it is relatively small. Would you happen to know where Dark Alley was located? Richard Grubb (Added 14th Feb 2010)

- I have had a look at a map I have and the web site that has lists of roads from Kelly's of the mid 1930's and Sandiago Rd of the mid 50's. I was not able to find Dark Alley, but it did confirm that one grandfather lived at 14 Brougham St and the other at 104 Sandiago Rd in the mid 1950's. I understand some of the 'Alleys' in the centre of Gosport were not named as such but gained local names, which sometimes changed over time. Ian (Added 14th Feb 2010)

- I noticed that someone was requesting information about Dark Alley. This is a bit of a tricky one as there are references to people living there throughout the second half of the nineteenth century, yet the name does not appear on any of the census returns.

By matching up names of people living there with those listed in the 1861 census it is pretty clear that, as far as the census enumerator was concerned, the official name was Rodney's Head Yard or Rodney's Head Court. This was situated by the side of the Rodney's Head public house at 38 North Street. This is not to be confused with Rodney's Head Alley which ran from Harbour Row to the rear of the Rodney's Head. Philip Eley (Added 6th March)

- I wonder if you can help me, I was born in Gosport in 1948 went to New  Elson, Stone Lane and Privett including a one year attendance whilst Privett  occupied the buildings of Clarence Square school. I up to now have only found  one photo of Privett main school in Privett Park do you know where I might find  more? Ian Redman  (16th Feb 10)

- If he goes to Gosport library top floor top of last flight of stairs go over to the right hand side by the windows there are several folders there of privet school and others of Gosport, including lots of photos. I used to know a Redman family who lived in Grayshot Road off of Cheriton Road when I was lad, is it the same family, used to know Peter Redman Regards John Miller (Added 17th May 2010)

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