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- Eileen said, I would like to know if you have any photo's  of the old Seahorse Hotel, which was in Seahorse Road near where Mumby Road  joins South Street, by the marina?

- Mary & Trevor Bradshaw have asked the following - 1981-1983 yamaha xj 750 seca classic bike, I am looking for one of these bikes in vgc with reasonable mileage top price paid if you know of one anywhere please contact me .

- I live in one of the houses which was part of the Home from 1901. ie CHADWICK Hse, no 14 St Marks Rd. I am trying to trace the history of this house could you help me. Do have a copy of an old photo of 1901 showing the children outside the house when it was a hospital Does anybody know where the name Chadwick House came from D W Burgess

- A request from Gordon  for information about Holbrook School. Also:

- Trudy said, I am trying to locate information and pictures of the old holbrook school, it used to stand were the ice rink and swiming pool is. I can't seem to find any information at all please help many thanks.

- The Gosport Railway Society own a model of Gosport Station in 00 gauge which in need of some TLC. can anyone help please? from Peter Keat

- I have been asked about the Regiment at Fort Moncton in the 1860’s. Ian

-Mandie Oliver said my Grandad, Val Habens is from Gosport. He popped into the library to ask about  the Jackie Spencer Bridge question, which apparently so have lots of other  people. It had something to do with the signal or track change at the bridge for  the track to Alton and the bridge was manned by Jackie Spencer. The bridge  apparently is near the Nicky Adams Pit (I think thats what he called it) which  provided the shingle for the track to be built on. He later remembered that he  went to school with Jackie Spencers son. Hope this is of some help to the lady,  by the way no one knew of it being haunted, I'd love to know the  story.

-The Waterside Centre- wish to hear  from anyone who has photos, information & memorabilia to do with Henry Cook/Mission Hall/Reading Rooms/Ships & his work. Are you related to Henry  Cook? Did you attend the old Mission Hall or new Bethel Mission and have stories  to tell?  


Contact Neil Sutton  023 9252 8948 Eve or email

- Pat Godfrey, asks, I am currently involved in an extended over-dinner discussion regarding the  actual name of the spit of land on which Fort Blockhouse - and even Haslar  Hospital now stand. The museum (Fortifications Folder) leads me to a  small number of possibilities; Gosport Spit, Camp Field (perhaps nearer the  Bulwark in Haslar site?), Gosport Point (Golport Pouint), or most promisingly in  one reference to the building of the Blockhouse at Childrode - though whether  this is the Western side of the harbour I could not be sure as I can find no  other mention.

- Unfortunately most references/maps I have found to the history of the site  refer only to the beginning of Gosport's defences and the Blockhouse that almost  mythically always seems to have been there (1400+). I cannot believe the Romans  or Anglo Saxons would not have named the point at least for navigation if not  for defensive reasons?. Ian

Geoff has asked if anyone has any photos of the High Street and Stoke Rd of the 1930’s. Please can you help, thank you.

Roland says I'm trying to find an old map to trace a house in Hardway Gosport. In the 1800's, each house had a name and not a number. I'm trying to find something that can point me to the where abouts of Rose Villa, Grove Road Gosport. Some houses still have the original name plates, others don't. Do you where I can find this sort of information?

- - I came across your Gosport site and found someone was  asking about Rose Villa in Grove Road Alverstoke. I have a census which shows Rose Villa as the next  property to my where my ancestor Samuel Groom born 1817 Portsmouth is  residing. I then come across his will and it states he lives  at 12 Grove Road Alverstoke. I believe this information may help the  person who asked for info about Rose Villa on your website. Julie Brutnell

- I can recall that there was a launch (from the Zeebrugge raid?) at  the Haslar side of the old bridge behind a fence in, was it HMS Hornet.   What happened to this boat?

- Do you know the name of the design of the prefabs in Montgomery  Road.  I believe that there were two types of prefab in Gosport.  One  type at St Vincent and Dolphin Crescent and the other at Clayhall and  Elson  I was wondering any of the type were still in existence either  elsewhere in the country or in a museum  Peter (Rec’d 6th Oct 2010 Added 18th Aug 2015)

John is looking for a copy of a Blake and Sons catalogue from around 1970 (taken over by EVA Industries in 1967) that I once had, that  shows a picture of the enamel and brass stove  I have inherited! John Challis. (Added 7th October 2015)

- Roy is on behalf of a friend in Sydney, Australia who's grandfather lived at the address during the mid to late 1800s, I am endeavouring to obtain some details of the then building 122 High St- the current building does not look that old. Could you kindly advise where I should start looking? Thanks for your information. I had, mistakenly, assumed that 122 had been destroyed by enemy action during WW2. If it is possible to find a photograph of the original 122 it would be greatly appreciated.  (Added 7th October 2015)

- Steve said I lived in Gosport from 1962 to 1982 in Whitworth Rd. I worked at Clarance dockyard . I was wondering if you have or know where I can get any photos of the dockyard and also the open swimming pool that I spent many happy days. (Added 7th October 2015)

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