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- I,m compiling a new book on ceramic advertising pot lids that were used to retail everyday items such as tooth pastes and cold cream. Several Gosport chemists used these containers and I’ve photographed and researched several examples. I was wondering if you could help either with any further research (I can’t find Mason in any directory?) or if you could confirm the Latin inscription that is featured on “Balchin” pot lid example (I will send you a photo,  although I understand the museum does have an example in its collection?). Also, does the museum have any other examples that I have not recorded on the list below.


Balchin’s Pharmacy, Cherry Areca Nut Tooth Paste,Gosport. 80mm.

PHILIP H. MASON, Pharmaceutical Chemist

Mason’s Celebrated Cherry Tooth Paste, Chymist to the Garrison, 25 High Street, Gosport. 75mm.

Mason’s Celebrated Cherry Tooth Paste. No town name. Fake examples also known.

Mason’s Petroleum Pomade, Gosport. Includes an amusing claim “Undoubtedly the most effective Hair Restorer Known”. White button lid with rounded edges. 48mm.

STRACHAN, Chymist to the Garrison (2)

Strachan’s Celebrated Cherry Tooth Paste, 25 High Street, Gosport. 72mm.

1. The elaborate design depicting a seated bishop surrounded by a Latin inscription [illustrates/commemorates the transfer of the Manors of Alverstoke and Gosport to the Bishop of Winchester in 1284.]. Edward Samuel Balchin (b.1853 Newington, Surrey) is listed in the 1871 Census as an apprentice to William Jacobs who was based on the High Street, Guildford. Balchin married in London in 1879 and had established his pharmacy in Gosport’s High Street by 1891. The business is listed in Kelly's Directory for 1895 trading from 108 High Str, Gosport. Balchin died in Brighton in 1926.

2. Joseph Lawson Strachan sold his Celebrated Cherry Tooth Paste during the 1870s. Strachan was born in North Shields, Northumberland in 1836 and was the son of a Scottish Weslyan Minister, Alexandra Strachan. He served his apprenticeship under his brother John in the 1850s at 30 Duke Street, Marylebone, London before moving to Lancashirein the late 1850's. Strachan married his first wife in Burnley in 1859 and is described in the 1861 Census as "Cotton Manufacturer employing with partners 83 men". He moved to Gosportaround 1867 (his third child was born here in 1868) and is recorded in the Post Office Directory for Hampshire as a chemist in 1875. Strachan’s presence in the town was relatively short as he moved back to Lancashire by the early 1880s. The practice was continued by Philip H. Mason who adopted the same design style for his Cherry Tooth Paste lid.

Bob Houghton (Added 17th May 2010)

- I am searching for images of a particular large  motor yacht built in 1924 by C&N for Sir Herbert Samuelson named  EndymionĚ. She was 138 feet long. Anything you could do to put me in  touch with someone who might know where such an image might exist would be most appreciated. Maunsel White

- I am slowly researching my family history. My grandmother comes from a  long line of the Roper family in Gosport. My great grand father was John  Roper. He married into a Family living in Dock Village Gosport and became a  seaman, in I believe what was the equivalent of the Fleet auxiliary. His  early years were spent based in Portland, and I can only assume plying between  there and the Clarence yard. He eventually became a ships Master, and in  the census of 1881he was listed as Mate in charge ship Royal Clarence. In  the 1901 census he was given as Yard Captain Royal Clarence Yard. 

Have you any history of the yard, or know of  any? and of course any thing to do with  John Roper.  P.M. Hatherly

The original idea was to find what you want and thought I would find it quickly as a few years ago I went round Clarence Yard on one of the Heritage Weekends, before the building started, they were doing the archeological thing before building. The person who took us round said how the yard owned by a Mr Weevil as a brewery supplying the Navy which was taken on by the Navy and extended. There is a bit at but I thought there was a full history somewhere. Ian

- I own the yacht Driac, designed by Charles Nicholson and built by Camper and Nicholsons at Gosport in 1930. I would very much like to know her launch date, which I believe was in June, as I would like to celebrate her 80th birthday. (she will be taking part in the Three Peaks Yacht Race in June). I wonder whether you can tell me where I might find out more about this; do you still have the old company records in Gosport and if not can you tell me where to find them. Charles Lyster

- In the year 1911,  when my grandmother was 25 years of age, she worked at Cams Hall as a  servant, and I'd like to find out what life was like while she was there. I'm  researching my family tree but very little is known about my grandparents.  Knowing more about the history of Cams Hall would help to fill the  gaps. Cams Hal comes under  Fareham, but then I thought you may have some information about the place. If  not, who do you think I should contact? Who do you think would have record about  the household back around 1900? Any help would be appreciated, Kevin  Mooney (Added  4th July 2010)

- I know little about Cams Hall apart from the time that my bus went past it. I understand it is a site for business units and golf course. I have found the following that may help   . Ian

Wheeler/ Gosport Woodcraft - Dollshouse Makers - Someone in Kent asked about a firm called ‘Gosport Woodcraft’. She has bought a dollshouse in a local charity shop which is very well made and would like to find out as much as she can about the company. She realises  that the firm may well have gone out of business as she thinks the dollshouse may have been made as long as 50 years ago.

- I have  been working on Panchen family tree, and find I do not have a decent photo of  the Park Hotel in Gosport, and seem unable to find a decent photo on the  web. Wondered if you just might have something in  your vast  resources that might fit the bill that you would be willing to share. Inside and outside views are both equally acceptable. Also, any views of  Alecto Road, esp. 1 Alecto, 76 Park Road, 4 St. Valerie Road.  Realise you  probably don't have these on file at a whim, but just on the offchance........ Tall order, so please do not go out of your way. Hope all is well in the best little town in the South of England. Christine McAfee (Added 22nd September 2015 from an email 3rd September 2009)

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