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Lesley asks, as an ex pupil of Old Elson Infant school, school Road during the mid 1940's I was wondering if you have or know of any photos available as I have never seen any. I have class photos taken in the school grounds but none of the actual school.
I remember the Head Mistress was a Miss Austwick (spelling?) and I also have a strong memory of one particular boy in the class who swore and the teacher rubbed his tongue with the red carbolic soap that was in use in those days. I don't know if it cured his swearing or not!

Lesley  adds on 3rd February 2006, 'I refer to my request on your web site for a photo of Old Elson School, in tonight's paper The News, is a very elusive picture of Old Elson School sent in by an old pupil. It is on page 33 in the Then and Now series! I believe even the Head teacher Miss Austwick is in a photo published next to it.'

Kim said, I have a Brother who was adopted, he was taken to Gosport Childrens Home in 1957. The Adoption hearing was at Nottingham County court, (long way to go for that). Do you know how I can contact some one to find if he was in this home. Both my parents dead now, so can longer ask the questions I need.Can you help? Many Thanks.

Lynne said, am wondering if you have any information about Wakefiled House in Stokes Bay? My sister was stationed there, whilst she was in the WRENS during WWII.     I understand it became a children’s' home and has since been demolished. A picture as it used to be and any history of its wartime use would be much appreciated for a special display her family is putting together to celebrate her 80th birthday.

Dave asks, my grandmother lived in Melville Rd, and have fond memories of the town and of Pompey across the ferry (the Navy days, harbour station, those urchins scrambling in the mud at low tide for a few thrown coins and the old town). In my early years, during the 50’s and 60’s, I visited with my parents often, looking forward to visiting the harbour from the 'Hard'. Have you any photos of  the Hard and harbour front, particularly the old 'Chain' car ferry to Pompey, also any of Melville Rd during those times.

Sue said, in 1731, John Mortimer of 'Brockhurst, Alverstoke' died, and in his will bequeathed "2 shops, gate rooms and garden plot etc" to his wife and large family. Over 100 years later, Dr John Mortimer of Gosport, Doctor of Medicine and Medical Inspector of hospitals, in 1853, bequeathed the bulk of his  estate to his niece Charlotte, who in 1861 was living in Brockhurst Cottage, Anns Hill.
What are the chances that this would have been the same cottage as occupied by the earlier John Mortimer?

Mrs S. Dickinson asks, I have been through loads of sites and cannot find any that are before 1905..........I found who I think was my grandfather who was on HMS Dolphin in 1901, I know he was a Naval man and was wondering if there are any sites you could advise me on........... I would be really grateful if you could help me.

Carole Spencer asks about Harry Barnard Band. Has anyone got any photographs of this band, my father was Alec Barnard  and I believe he played the drums and Uncle Harry, the violin.... I would   hear from anybody who has anything to tell !!

Suzanne asks, I wonder if you can help. I have often noticed a large house behind Stoke Road shops, and cycling past on Sunday I noticed the name on the gate being Bourton House. I wonder if you could tell me any more information on this. When it was built, any photos, whether it has always been a private residence, and if so, do you know who.

- I lived with my family at No3 Bouton House, Queens Road from 1973 to 1979ish. The house was split in to 3 residence, 1 being lived in by a local GP, 1 with a family connect to Camper & Nicholsons and us. We had the rear aspect of the house which still had bells on the exterior walls that were used for the tradesmen's entrance. Id love to know more about the house, and its prior origins as the whole time we lived there things didnt feel right. Even at the age of 9, I picked up on some strange vibes. Thanks, Lynne

Julie said, hello I am wondering if I could ask for your help... my uncle was at your care home(NCH Alverstoke) in 1939 and died he was 9 they said he was burried in the grounds and my mother well in her 70's would love to find his grave do you know if there was a consecrated place or a churchyard attached to the home ? My uncles name was William "billy" Stocks  I am trying to find a way of finding his grave. thanks.

Sue said, My father was in the National Childrens Home Alverstoke in 1917 having been sent by St Columb Major Union.  He later moved to NCH Alexandra Road, Farnborough, where he stayed until 1927.  I have been fortunate to obtain all his records from that time.Would you have any idea if there are any records available for 1917 Alverstoke?

Poppy Raven says, In my current book, set in 1844, I want some characters to take a train  from London to Gosport arriving at about 7:00pm, and then the ferry to  Portsmouth. I'd be grateful if you could point me in the direction of  any online information which will help me to ensure that their journey  was possible.I need to know how long an express from Nine Elms to Gosport would have taken (3.5 hours?), and how frequent they were, where the station was in relation to the departure point  for the ferry to Portsmouth, whether the ferry would still be running that late in the evening, how long it would take for the crossing, how frequently the ferry would run in that direction, and where it ran to in Portsmouth (they need to reach a Royal Navy brig which has been under repair)
If you know of resources online for placing the brig in Portsmouth relative to the ferry landing. (Rec’d 10th Oct 2010 Added 18th Aug 2015)

Martin replied In 1844 there were various Brigs sailing out of Portsmouth (H.M.S. FLYING FISH, H.M.S. CRUISER, H.M.S. PANTALOON) From nine elms to Gosport by train took three and a half hours. From the former Gosport Rail station to the ferry by foot I estimate about 15 minutes.

 In 1840 onwards the crossing was by steam-powered floating bridge  between Gosport and Old Portsmouth the VICTORIA and the ALBERT.I would  estimate approx 15 mins.(Rec’d 15th Oct 2010 Added18th Aug 2015

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