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Tony Weekes in Perth,can you tell me if marriage records for Gosport 1968 are kept in the public domain to the extent they can be accessed via the Net,or where in fact they are stored.Thanks-Tony              

I did suggest that he try (Ian Jeffery)

We have recently moved to Leesland Rd, Gosport and have found the original house built on this plot was destroyed along with three others during a bombing raid in the 2nd World War. A neighbour lent us his book on the history of Gosport during the war and we found a photo of the actual bomb site. He told us that he thought a woman and her child were killed in the bombing. We are very interested in the history of the area and in particular the actual bombing of Leesland Rd. If you could let us know where we could find any information on this we would be grateful. Jason Kennedy.


Ada Emma Brown, along with her son by her first marriage Donald Freebury aged 15yrs and her baby, Vera Brown, aged 1 yr approx, were killed by a direct hit on the air raid shelter at Leesland Road area on 20 September 1941. Ada was the wife of my uncle, Leslie Harold Brown. His family, the Browns - father RM, 7 children -  lived at 68 Leesland Road. Ada and children are buried in Anns Hill Cemetery. Mary Dubois

Greg Kirk, originally from Alverstoke, Gosport, I now train full-time in Bath and compete around the World in Skeleton Bobsleigh. I am the World Champion for skeleton bobsleigh, and currently seeking for support during training and competition. Please find enclosed a copy of my letter of proposal (Please click link for full request and to download .doc proposal).

-Is there anyone in Gosport who collects aluminium foil, postage stamps or other items for charity or other organisations, as I have been asked if I know of anyone. I will add the details to the site, if you wish, thank you.

- There is a collection box for postage stamps by the exit door in Waitrose.

-Have you any idea where I can get a sight of a map showing the locations where bombs landed on Gosport during World War II? Gary Dean

I understand there is one at the Hampshire Records Office. Ian (Added 18th Aug 2015)

-I am trying to compile a history of chapel street  and immediate area for my partner and would like to know if anybody has any  pictures or stories of the area.please contact me if you can help at thanks

- Dave Press says, Turn of the century (20th) maps show Forton Creek advancing past what is now Mill Lane and reaching up to what is now Forton Rec. (Coulmere Road). My mother-in-law even lived on Forton Road opposite Bedford Street in the late 60s and she remembers her neighbour saying that these houses used to back onto water-meadow. These days of course, they back onto St Lukes Rd. Now, I have countless books and publications on local history and none of them show any pictures of Forton Creek beyond St Vincent.  I can not believe that none exist, especially when there appears to be an endless resource of pictures of  the Stoke Road area! I would love to see what Forton Road looked like when the creek reached right up to the North side of the road.

-I am trying to find old photos of the naval  estate in rowner from around the 1980 can you help Cheers Shane Cole

- Do you have any pictures of the old Cheriton Road houses before  they were demolished in about 1989-1990, as I wish to use this to draw as my  main GCSE art work if not do you have any of Privett school both of these are  in the area I have grown up in? Thank you. Luke Vanderstien

- A friend of mine is trying to trace some ancestors and she has some  documentation stating that one of them lived in ‘Dock Village’, Gosport. we now  know that Dock Village was part of, or was very close to Alverstoke. this would  be around 1850 ish. but ive looked at old maps and can find nothing of Dock Village........Stephen Miles

- As a child I used to live in Rowner in  the courts I was living in court 7 and court 10 if you have any pics of the  court houses. I lived there in the 70s and am now living in  Llanelli South Wales. I remember Haslar hospital very well and Siskin Junior School any pics please send me kind regards Jason.

- I am trying to find a photo of the small chapel  at the junction of Chapel Street and St:Thomas’s Road in Hardway with Pinks the grocers on the opposite corner with Greens the Bakers behind it Eddie Keen

- I am research my family history and have many  connections with Gosport, and I am trying to prove some information.

1) Rumor has it a great aunt used  to play the piano for the silent pictures (Maria Barnes nee  Williams)

2) another great aunt was a teacher at  Leesland school (Martha Williams)

3) My Granddad  (John Williams) worked on the  " floating bridge" had a bad accident in the 1920's in which a man got  killed.

My Granddad worked at the Gosport and  Soberton water works as a engine driver (George Brewer)  Tom Brewer. (ex Fareham / Gosport) now Qld  Australia

Chris Brady - I wonder if you can help?  My Great Great Grandfather Martin John  Brady on leaving the Royal Marines at Forton Barracks became Landlord of the  North Star Public House at Bridgemary  until he died on 12th April  1912. I wonder if you have any information or photos concerning this pub which I  fear may have long since gone. (Received 23rd October 2010 Added 18th August 2015

Philip Howard from Adelaide Australia and you may  remember I called in to say hello about 2 years ago. My Uncle Jim lived in  16 Harcourt Road. I have a question for you. In the sixties  there was a murder in Wych Lane Bridgemary, The victim was a girl in her  teens the victim of a spurned lover. Have you any idea of how we find out  the name of the murdered girl. I believe she came from Bridgemary  Tukes Avenue maybe.(Received  27th October 2010 Added 18th August 2015)

Steve Stares- I have been directed to your site in the hope that  you might be able to help me.  I know the Stares family were quite well  known around the Gosport/Rowner area and am 99% sure that my ancestors  are from this area. A lot of my family are carrying out family history research and we are all working on  different bits. It seems compulsory that anyone with the Stares name  has their picture taken by the street sign “ Stares Close. Is there any way that I can find out if Stares  Close was named after a particular Stares or was it just because there  were a lot of Stares in the area? I know for example where I live  certain roads were named after certain people, some of whom I knew personally. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (rec’d 13th Nov 2014 Added 18th Aug 2015)

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