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- Can someone help please? A fair few of my ancestors were christened  and/or married in St Mary's, some in the late 1700s, early 1800s and  some later. I get the impression the church in the photos on the web  site was built in the mid 1800s. In the photo of 'St Mary's from the  north west' there is a lych gate, I was wondering if that was part of  the old church..My g g grandfather James Diver was a 'Barrack Sergeant'  at Haslar Barracks in 1839 and 1843, possibly up to about 1860. What  military unit would have been stationed at Haslar Barracks at that time? Marjorie King

- Peter Maw - I left Gosport in November 1952 for Australia[Brisbane]  at the age of 14. I attended the Gosport Central School from 1949 till  1952 I just wondered if the school was still there and if they held any  reunion? if not is there any way of finding out about the school? [my  nickname was Nabber] I was also a navy cadet at H.M.S.VERNON for the same  period. Do they still have cadets at Vernon? one of the times on our trip  from Gosport to Pompey to go to cadets we witnessed a large explosion up the  harbour we didn’t know it at the time but it was a munitions train that  exploded I think it was at Priddys Hard.When I arrived  home at Tewksbury  Ave where we lived in a semi detached house the whole front of the house had  moved out about 3 or 4 inches and we could reach through to the next door  neighbour, caused by the blast. When I went up to the shops at Chantry  Circle nearly all the windows in the shops were broken.Just one more  question is Bluebell woods and the little old church still at Rowner?

- Stu said- I was talking to a friend in America last night about HMS Victory & I mentioned going there for a week with my school in the early 70s. We were on an activities/educational visit and I am convinced we stayed on the HMS Foudroyant. It was moored in the harbour opposite the HMS Ark Royal. I tried doing a search but could not find the same ship.While we were there the Navy were removing canons and had built a big pontoon and all of us enjoyed the extended playground for fishing & diving etc.Can you please assure me I haven’t dreamed it all AND if possible tell me where the ship has gone?

This is a link to information about the above two questions provided by Alan

- I have recently moved into a flat, which was converted from the Robinhood quay public house to five new flats. I am looking for history and photos of the property.I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction as to where I could find information. Many thanks Jon Harvey

- Please can anyone advise me; When did Love Lane change its name to Gordon Road, believed to be between 1881 and 1891. Why did the name change. Is Gordon Road named after General Gordon. Ben (Andy)

- I am looking for information regarding the Holy Trinity Church. My grandmother has lived in Gosport her whole life. She remembers a monument outside of the Church when she was young. This is no longer there and nobody appears to have any recollection of it, even a previous priest at the church. I wondered whether you knew anything of this monument, or indeed, anyone who may know of it ?? Kelly Downer

- My name is Patricia Deering-Smith and I was wondering if you have any information on the accidental death of two naval people on March 19, 1930. They were a Mr William George Williams Chief Armr no 340452 and Mr Gilbert Hutchinson on the HMS Vernon while defusing a Hydrostatic Fuse.  Mr William George Williams died in the Haslar Hospital.  There was also another man who had lost a finger in the Explosion too.  Mr Williams was my husbands great grandfather.

- I was told, in seriousness so I thought, that the hedgerow on the west side of wych lane opposite the Bridgemary Community School is in fact a listed/ historic hedge / boundary. I've just spent about a couple of hours web searching but with no success. Do you have any info, contacts or sugestions as to how I could find out more and if this is true.This is only for interest, and my sons school geography homework.Thanks Nigel Clark

- I am putting together a new page on the family website, with details of the Albray Brothers hardware shop which was in Whitworth Road, just next door to the Post office.  Is there anyone on the list that can recall going in to buy odds and ends? Do you have any memories of or stories relating to the shop at all? I'd very much like to compile comments from various people who used the shop, and put them on the website. I guess you could almost call it a memorial to the shop. If you would like to be a part of this, please contact me. Jon Nixey

- Christopher Oliver asks. Does anyone remember the Len Fryer Harmonica Band or the Gosport Harmonica Instrumentalists. My Grandad Val Habens was in both and would love a  photo of either. The Len Fryer group were around before the war and won a compitition at the Portsmouth Assembly Rooms and had a cup awarded by the  Hohner harmonica company and they played at Clarence Pier so perhaps there would  be posters with them on. The Gosport Harmonica group rehearsed in the drill  hall near Haslar Bridge and the Church Hall in Avenue Road and they played at  various Army Navy and Airforce camps around Hampshire.Names connected Fred Diaper,may have lived at  Joseph Street, A girl singer Pat Grindley who lived in Foster Road, Joey Gomes  who ran Clarence Square Old Boys Concert Party, Alf Sheppard, Rose Murphy who  sang "Alice Blue Gown" and Mr Mrs. Cresdie who had a comedy song  act.The Gosport Instrumentalists would finish with  "Danny Boy".

- Colin Gowing says, I am researching a family of actors named Crisp (sometimes referred to as the Second Roscius.) I have information that suggests a child actor of that name performed at Gosport Theatre during the 1804/5 season with a Mr Thornton. I wonder if you have any information about the theatre during that period (playbills, newspaper advertisements etc.)  Received 25th October 2015 Added 1st November 2015

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