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- I've been trying to find out  if any photographs existed of the prefab estate at Clayhall...I lived in one  from about 1947/48 till 1971...I took a few photos myself of my friends at the  time but not really actual pictures of the prefabs in general...I do have an  arial view of the area which is now occupied by the houses on the Gillkicker  estate....Would you know of any photographs of the Clayhall  prefabs? Adrian

- There’s a posting on your site from an ‘Adrian’ pn the prefabs at Clayhall. He says he has an aerial view. Do you know how I could get in touch with him? Thanks Mattew Jones (Added 5/8/2015)

- I have  a query about a picture at Camper and Nicholsons boat yard in Mumby Road.My mum and I have worked  there for about a year. I  was wondering if you could give us some clues as to when it was taken. Some distinct features are the Shell  petrol station was still on the corner of Mumby Road just opposite the pub next  to Camper and Nicholsons. The Southern Self-Drive pale blue vans are located in  a yard 50 metres further along the road, the information kiosk at the ferry was  located on the left hand side of the path that leads down to the ferry pontoon  whereas it is next to the bus station, the Millennium  Gardens by the ferry had not yet been revamped, and  finally where Gunwharf is now there were still the old navy buildings.

- Jean is looking for a piece of pasture type land in Gosport for a caravan.

- Deborah is looking for anyone knows or knows about Hester Cannings.

- I am looking for  a photo or history of Shakespeare Hall, Gosport. This was built and owned  by a relative of my father. My grandmother was a music and dance teacher  there around 1915 onwards. I would like to provide something of interest  as he is writing his memoirs. Althea Edwards

- I was wondering if you  knew of anywhere or even a book on the NCH in Clayhall Road I could obtain I  lived in Hudson House In the National Children’s Home between 1963 and 1967 photographs of the home would  be very much appreciated if you know anyone who has some I would be willing to  pay for copies. Steve Dade

- I am researching the lives of individuals, with Hampshire connections, who were involved in the Spanish Civil War and I would be very grateful for any information you can give me about two men from Gosport who were involved, or suggest where I might find additional information. I am as interested in the men before they went to Spain as afterwards.Do any of the secondary (ex grammar?) schools in Gosport have records which might help?? I could find no evidence of him in the "News" for the period. Michael was killed in action June 1937 at La Ganga/Segovia.

The first is Michael Edward John Livesay, born in a Portsmouth Nursing Home on 10 December 1912 - but the address for his parents at that time was; Eaglehurst, Bury Road, Alverstoke. By the time he had left for Spain, in January 1937, he had qualified as an architect. I am missing all information between those dates.

The second is Albert Edward Rabone, born 3 July 1916. His father was living at 11 Woodstock Road Gosport at the time he went to Spain, also in January 1937.He had an unfortunate tendency to desert, but still gave supportive articles to the press before he returned. He was killed, in an accidental fall into a ships hold, in 1938, in Barcelona, during another attempt to desert.Any help would be much appreciated. Regards Alan Lloyd

- I have recently been told my Nan was engaged to one  of the sailors on HMS Hood before it sank in 1941. At the moment we are unable to remember his name  and hoped that perhaps we might be able to ask if anyone in the Gosport  area or wider had put together a list of men from Gosport/Portsmouth who lost  their lives on the ship. Obviously there is a chance that he didn't actually  come from Gosport but we thought it would be the best place to try first before  widening our search. I'm happy for my email to be given  out. Thanks for any help.Mandie Oliver

- I am looking for help in locating mister Jim / James Hooper. He wrote books like Koevoet!,  Flashpoint!: The last information I received is that he is living in Hampshire England and writes for The Sunday Telegraph, but this is unconfirmed. I would really appreciate any help in locating him or an e-mail address where I can contact him. Marius du Preez (Addded 23/03/08)

In response to the request above, Jim Hooper can be contacted through his  web site:

- Anna Winter Duchess of Sutherland had met Garibaldi in  London- was around with this group of English ladies and even managed to  start the Italian 'RSPCA' would you believe! Please contact anyone you feel may be able to help  our research.It's amazing that we have found so much information of these ladies  here in Italy. We would like to find out something about their early life in the  UK to 'complete the picture. Richard (23/03/08)

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