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- It would be nice if we could get more info on the old fire brigade, my granddad joined in  1884,  and when the district council took control in 1897 he became  Superintendent After 30yrs service he retired in  1914.......and died in October 1927. I have two  large pictures of the "old brigade" which are now in the Gosport library  with his long service medal. It would be  good to put names to faces.....and any other photos. It's OK to use my EM  Many thanks for your help,  Dave Mortimore.

- Leanne asked, I don't know if you can help but I am looking for  some information about Brockhurst House, or we think this is what it was called.  My Grandfather was born there in 1929, whilst his parents were in service.  His Mother used to talk a lot about this house but despite looking we cannot  find any info about it or cannot even confirm it existed. If you have any info on this house I would really  appreciate finding out about it. Thankyou

- I have suggested that it may have been the building that was on Brockhurst Road opposite Station Road, but as the building is no longer there I wonder if anyone can confirm it for me. Ian Jeffery

- My grandmother was a British Home Child who spent a couple of years at the Greenthorne Home in Lancashire prior to being sent to Canada in 1889. She carried a photo album with her that survives to this day. One of the cardboard photos is of a well dressed woman. The photographer is identified as W.C. Harvey, 124 High Street, Gosport. The woman is not identified. Your website mention a NHC in Gosport Greenthorne apparently was also part of the NHC movement. My grandmother came with the Dr. Stephenson group to Hamilton, Ontario to await a placement. I would like to know if these homes were under a regional administration.  I would like to know who this woman is. If anyone would like a copy of the photo I'd be happy to e-mail it. Joyce Stevens

- Terry said, I was told that there were a handful of Jewish families in Gosport at various times after 1790.  Do you know what the names of some of those families might have been?

- I am contacting you about my Father Alfred William Maggs who ended His Navy life while serving at SISKIN airport. He died aged 35, on 11 Feb. 1953, 6 months before he was due to retire having served 25 yrs. He served on a variety of ships before, during and after the war, including, HOOD, BARHAM.  Was mentioned in dispatches while serving on 'HAVELOCK' in the convoy TM1. He was given a 'Military Funeral' and we gather a lot of photos were taken. Sadly these were all burnt in case my Mother found them and got upset. Being children we were not allowed to attend so have no information on what took place etc. Also we only have two photos of my Father. We wondered if there is anywhere in Gosport that we could contact to get photos of when he served at Siskin, or the funeral? Pat Checkling

- Would you be able to point me in the direction of a local historian who could help me with a bit of Family History research. I have the following information:  “Death Certificate for Charles Turnbull shows he died in Forton , Gosport, at 8 Leonard Rd, on June 14th 1916. Occupation - Journeyman Boilermaker. Cause of Death - (1) Hemiplegia (Stroke or Paralysis on one side of the body for 2 year). (2) Acute dilatation stomach. (Acute gastritis or stomach blockage). Agnes Turnbull widow of the deceased present at the death. His age was 49. The story in the family is that Charles was working for Sir Thomas Lipton on the "Shamrock" racing yacht and was in the hull of the vessel when an accident occurred where something "fell on his head". The death certificate indicates he had been paralysed for two years. No doubt the heady injury caused the paralysis of the body. Shamrock IV was launched in 1914, and was taken to America for the America's cup Race, which was postponed until 1920 after WW1 was over. " Is there any possibility that there may be some local information which would flesh out the story for me? Curtis Ball, Plymouth, Devon

- I have been asked by both Liz Lane and Audrey Starkey about Foxbury Cottages in Foxbury Lane, Gosport. One has advised me that they understand they were, ‘built as some sort of seaman’s mission... that they were bombed in WWII. Ian Jeffery.

- Charles Beattie, saw Steam Yacht Shemara when she was berthed in Campbell Town in the forties as a submarine tender, in the course of writing my own life story I want to insert a picture of her. Can you help please.

- Hi Ian I was looking for something on the Lee Tower on the net but have been  unable to locate any info. Seems a big shame it was demolished - I am sure  it would be more valued if it had survived a few more years. Any chance on  you including a page of information on your website? regards Peter  - I agree. Yes it would be good to have a page on Lee Tower, though I would have to put out a request for information, as I only went in it once, through the ground floor to the other side with my parents, I only remember a big room with large windows & a dark wood floor. Ian

- We believe that there was a large store on the corner of Parham Road, called Parham's Stores, is this right, and what did it sell? I am probably talking pre war here, we think we've seen a picture somewhere but although we have about six books on Gosports history cannot find what we are looking for. Probably it was a shop that sold everything from bikes to lino to fresh ducks.! Thanks in anticipation Ann.

- I am trying to find the history and residents of 30 Lavinia Road, Gosport  (around 1905) for my family history. I cannot find it on any website. Any  suggestions of how I do this?? Stephen Justice, Portsmouth

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