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- I am researching my family tree and find that my mother (Ivy May Hobson) was born at 61 King Street on the 28th May 1918. I would dearly like to see any old photos of King Street around that time or later. I would appreciate any help on this matter. Regards, Alan Rice.   (I have sent some photos of Kings Rd from now Ian) (Added 18th Mar 06)

Peter Burton wrote:  my mother Hilda Hobson lived at 59 Kings Street was born 1898 and I was wondering if there is any connection.

- My name is Denis Dawson I used to go to school in Gosport at St johns Forton Road from 1953-1958, also Grove Road school until 1961 -62 unfortunately all my school photos have been lost. The only teacher I can remember from St Johns is Mrs Aylett, from Grove Road I was in Mr Edgar's, Mr Willis and when we moved to the library I was in Mr Press class as far as I can remember Mr Jones was headmaster, Mr Stainer was deputy head if I could get any copies of photos I would be very grateful.      (I advised about Mrs Turners Book on this site Ian) (Added 25th Mar 06)

-John asks, Friday 24th, evening Meridian TV featured an article on members of the WI viewing a film on Gosport from 1959. This film had been originally commissioned by GBC and as far as my research goes copies are available on loan in the library. Called "Gosport Life1 & 2".I am greedy to obtain my own copies to send relatives in Australia(25/3/06)

- I decided to look for the 33 years missing in the Compigne line that is on my Husbands late mother Rosetta Emily Crawford side. To our surprise we found that Alfred William Compigne came to Australia in the early 1800’s and was on the first Legislative council. We checked all the dates and found they all added up. We saw Nindooinbah where he had built the first home which is now a Heritage listing and is being completely rebuilt. There is also a Compigne Island off the coast of Gladstone Queensland Australia. We came over to live here in Brisbane four years ago and are so over come by this discovery for Beaudesert is only about an hour away from where we now live. What we would like to know which daughter of David Compigne who married Latita Baker on April 19th 1804 at St James Piccadilly London We have a listing of nine children from that marriage. Their names and dates are all listed the last child being Rosetta Compigne born July 4th 1823 then the 33 year gap to the marriage of Edward Sherlock to Harriet Maitland at Monkstown .co Dublin on March 24th 1866. They were Huguenots and David fled from France and settled in Gosport. David and Lynda Crawford

- Someone did tell me that the Huguenots lived off Lees Lane, but I cannot remember the details. Ian Jeffery (2nd April 06)

- I am trying to locate the residence of 30 Lavinia Road, Gosport around 1905. It is missing from Hampshire Records. My Grandfather, Albert Justice used it as his place of residence on his marriage certificate 1905. Gosport Record Centre do not have any knowledge. We know he was Royal Marine Light Infantry based at "headquarters" which may mean St Vincent.Any ideas?? It is as though he did not exist!! Tried all the websites. We know that my grandfather was based HMS Illustrious 21/06/1904, Headquarters (what ever that is?) 15/09/1905. Marriage certificate 30 Lavinia Road, HMS Duke of Edinburgh 20/01/1906. We know he died 128 Leesland Road 1915. We now know, at his death: Occupation: Labourer, Royal Naval Ordnance Depot and Pensioner RMLI. You are probably correct in thinking that this was a friends house, but until I can find who lived at 30 Lavinia Road I am stuck. Strange it is missing from 1901 census when all the other numbers are included. My other step is to visit Kew or Family Record Centre to see if they have an indepth record of his service details. Regards S Justice, Portsmouth (2nd April 06)

- I can find references to the Stokes Bay Pier I cannot find when and why it was destroyed - all I know is I haven't seen it in the last 2 years since I moved down here! I wondered if you knew at all? Gill Grant

I am sure that I have seen the information somewhere, but cannot find it at the moment. I have found lots on the building the companies that ran it and when closed (sold to the Admiralty 1915 or 1922) I remember hearing, when I was at school that it was used for de-gauzing some of the small boats of the Dukirk fleet and later during 2nd World War. The photo on the by Adrian, was taken in the mid 60's that was as close as he could get and the one by Jan was taken mid 80's but I am unable to confirm that as it was MoD property, it just fell in to disrepair over say 20 years and was finally cleared when a danger to shipping. Ian Jeffery

It would be great if a more definite "time" could be found for when it disappeared, it does seem such a shame when things like that are allowed to disintegrate. Thanks so much Gill Grant (Added 16th April 2006)

- My name is Roy Steele and I attended Grove Road School between 1957 - 1961. I have been unable to obtain any information on this school. If anyone can help please contact me. I remember some the teachers at this time were Mr Willis, Mr Edgar,Mr Press among others whose names escape me at the moment. (Added 23rd April 2006)

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