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- I was looking at your website and was thinking about the reference to a Miss Rainford, a teacher at St John's School in the 1930's! Was she, I wonder, the same Miss Rainford who went on to found Knowles Hill School in Newton Abbot, Devon? Miss Rainford ran the school with two sisters and I believe there father may have been a ship's captain. Miss Rainford 1893 - 1978 The KHS website is at and is hosted by Mike Insall. Regards from John Oakford. (Added 30th April 2006)

Miss Rainford 1893 1978 TN

- I’m researching the Cocks family tree. Augusta Maud Cocks lived at 8 Little Beach in 1887. Has the name of this road been changed? I can’t find it on a modern street map. Could it have been Little Anglesey Road which runs past the beach? Many thanks Marilyn (Added 5th June 2006)

- Little Beach wasn't Anglesey Road, but was in the old part of town - one of the little streets around by the ferry, between Holy Trinity Church and Camper & Nicholsons - now long gone, but at the time inhabited by the local watermen and other seafaring folk. This I know, as a relative of my wife's lived there too (no.6, I believe) – Nigel Newman

- Hello there I am in South Australia now but in the forties I lived in Gosport .in the house next to a hotel in Clarence Road opposite a naval Barracks and had to cross the road and walk to school at Newtown Primary I think. It was still there in 1971 as I took my 3 sons to see the house I lived in and the school I went to before we left for Australia there were 6 houses then a masonic hall the houses were all bombed in the rest of the street until someone bought and made the Bambi Café which I used to help in.I think there was a beautiful church called St Marys but that was not there in 1971, this brings back nice memories. Nora (Added 5th June 2006)

- Gid ay cobber, is the dive cafe there now? last time I went down there was was around 1945,the bloke serving the tea would make 10 cups at one blow, real swift a good place in an air raid, it was real solid down in the ground. The Germans were after the subs so there was lots of bombs droping all around. Catch ya later.Tuck. (Added 25th June 2006)

- Dr Patrick McWilliams is looking fort information on Major-General Sir Thomas Aiskew Larcom, RE, KCB, Bart. He was a leading light in the first Ordnance Survey of Ireland and later became under-secretary of Ireland (1853-68), i.e. The day-to-day head of the British administration in Dublin Castle. He was knighted for his services in the late 1860s. In his final years he returned to Hampshire. My interest in him stems research work on the OS of Ireland and he was a key person in my PhD thesis. I propose to publish his private papers (which are in Dublin) and write a biography of him who was a friend to Ireland for more than 50 years. (Added 23rd July 06)

- I have been trying to find out for a friend what the origin of "Beminsters Lane" is. Do you know by any chance? Jon Nixey (Added 6th Aug 2006)

- I am trying to get a photo of Chilworth Prison in Gosport. When my husband was stationed there we lived in Little Chilworth, which was the prison before we lived there. Our son was born there so I thought it would be nice to get him a  picture. Can you help? Thank You. Helen Howe (Added 6th August 2006).

- My great grandfather Joseph Carter went to school at Dr. Burney's school in Gosport (he was born in 1820) I was wondering if you kindly tell me to whom I should contact relative to:-
1 details about the school  2 as a long shot--any school records around that time. Richard Parry, Brisbane, Australia (Added 6th August 2006)

- I am trying to find info on the St Thomas's Mission Hall, it stood on the corner of Chapel Street in Hardway an old photo or similar that is not the one it was a small building that stood on the corner of Chapel Street facing Pinks the grocers on one corner Aylings or Greens the bakers as it was later called. Mr E A Keen (Added 11th August 2006)

- James Westmore had property in Gosport, any pictures or information regarding the following would be fantastic. James Westmore properties: Brockhurst, Alverstoke -  Copyholder at Manor of Titchfield, -  West Street, Fareham, - High Street and South Street Gosport. The dates relating to the above range from 1790 to 1834.

The following information I received from the Hampshire Record Office. Title deeds, a messuage with outhouses, gateroom, garden, orchard, backside and meadow (1 acre) lying on north side of West Street, Fareham dated 1799. Copy court rolls, manor of Titchfield relating to a messuage and 7 acres of land with the Appurtenances in Posbrook, part of land called Lower Sheepstakes, later described as a close of meadow land adjacent Titchfield new river containing two customary or seed acres. Copyholder James Westmore 1816.

Gosport deeds, premises near the Queen’s Head public house and the turnpike road at Brockhurst, Alverstoke originally divided into 3 parts. In 1814 James Westmore originally owned two of the three plots of land, Mary Catherine Reeves Kirkland owned the other. In 1818 they exchanged lands. In 1857 the property belonging to James Westmore was sold to the War Department. Owner and occupier James Westmore of Gosport, gent. The only info I have about Gosport is that James was a grocer and was in High St in 1817 and in South St in 1824. Michelle Mead (Added 11th Aug 2006)

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