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Clarance Dockyard.(Photo Request)

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Gosport Theatre 1804/5 Mr Thornton

Once Around the Sun - D G Finley (Based on Gosport)

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Railway Cottages

St Mary’s Church (Mission Hall) Farteham Road Bridgemary Gosport

Second Roscius (actors Crisp)

Seahorse Hotel,(Old) Mumby Road (Photo Request)

- Freda , I am trying to piece together my mothers early life. She was a daughter of a steam train driver and was brought up in railway cottages. my knowledge is very sketchy I do know they are not there now, it was near Gosport station and Queens Road where I was born. Grandfather had a picture in the local paper as the first driver of an electric train I believe. I Hope you can give me some information even if only to confirm grandfathers picture in the local paper. My mother was born in 1904 left railway cottages in 1928 and left Gosport in 1937. My Grandparents I believe lived there for some years.

- Somebody called Freda on your site wanted to know where the railway cottages are , my sister owns one , they are in Eliza place close to Spring Garden Lane or top end of Victoria St , for ten red end. Hope this is of help. K H

- Ron ask’s; St.Marys Church,Fareham Rd,Bridgemary was on the north side of the A32, between the last house and the entrance to Fleetlands. It is now the site of a Ready Mix Concrete Plant. The Church was there during the 1940's. I was baptised there and my father made some of the church furniture. The Church was demolished in the 1950's. I've been told that the land was sold to Portsmouth Dairies in 1958 for 4,000 I'm told it does not appear on any maps because it was ex government land. The Church Bell is [I've been told] under the alter at St.Thomas Church, Elson, this would seem to be in keeping, as a record shows that a Rev.Michael went in 1913 from St.Thomas to a Bridgemary Mission. I have been unable to find any picture of this church [other than the picture I remember] or anyone else [other than my family] who has knowledge of it. I have been unable to trace the Church Records and would like to see the christenings and any marriage entry's. I have my own baptism card [1942].  CAN YOU HELP ?

- The questions about Bridgemary Mission Hall which was sited as 'Ron' states on the north side of the A 32 where the concrete plant is today. I am currently researching the history of St Thomas' Church, Elson and I can confirm that the Mission Hall was attached to that church from its dedication in 1913 until 1948 when it was transferred to St Mary's, Rowner. In 1954 it was sold to the Prebyterians. There is a photograph of it in a book which was co-written by Lesley Burton and 'The Book of Gosport', page 14, 2004. There is a copy of the book in the Local Studies Library (formerly the museum.) Any baptism or marriage records before 1948 would be included with St Thomas' as it was not a separate church. St Thomas' records are at Portsmouth Record Office, Museum Road, Portsmouth. Hope this is helpful. Mike Talbot (Added 23rd April 2006)

- A request from Jean Lovell, ‘I live in ash close and I am told before the houses  and flats were built there was a school on the site info please! and a photo  would be lovely.’

-From Steve Burton: In answer to Jean Lovells ' question about the Ash Clse site. From about  the age of ten (circa 1958) my family lived in Gordon Rd.  There was a school on  the Ash Close site. To the best of my recollection it was called Gosport High School.I believe it was public school(i.e.fee paying, I never  understood how that works) for girls. I remember very smartly turned out young  ladies wearing blue pin striped blazers & straw boaters. My girlfriend of the  time (early starter) was a pupil there. I remember there was also  another all girls school on the corner of Beechcroft/Anglesey Rd, presumably  where the nursing home is now. These young ladies always seemed very mysterious  as their uniform included brown capes. I found a picture on the Friends Reunited site. Looks as if I was wrong about it being an all girls school, look at those blazers!

-To help Jean Lovell. I seem to remember Gosport High School was for boys  and girls. The other school that Steve Burton remembers was at the junction of  Anglesey Road, Green Road and Green Lane. It was hidden by a high wall and the  Little Green housing estate is there now. Martyn Cross.

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