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Queen Victoria's Gosport, by Philip Eley £2.75

Now on sale at Elson Library, Bridgemary Library, Lee-on-the-Solent Library and at Gosport Tourist Information Centre at the bus station. 24 pages with 11 black and white illustrations.

Between 1844 and 1901 Queen Victoria set foot on Gosport soil more than 400 times when travelling by rail and boat between her mainland homes and Osborne on the Isle of Wight. The Queen’s private railway station in Clarence Yard ensured that most of her visits were kept out of the public eye, something that was much appreciated by her, particularly during the years after Prince Albert’s early death.

Whilst en route the Queen sometimes reviewed troops in Clarence Yard. She also made particular trips from Osborne to review troops at Browndown, to see the patients in Haslar Hospital, and to visit her son Prince Alfred at Alverbank and her nephew the Prince of Leiningen at Eastern House, their some-time residences at Stokes Bay.

Prince Albert, apart from accompanying the Queen, made numerous visits to watch the outer fortifications being built. Edward, Prince of Wales, the future King Edward VII, made an impromptu tour of Gosport. Princess Louise was guest of honour at a bazaar at Alverstoke Rectory, whilst Princess Beatrice handed out awards at the Thorngate Memorial Hall.

Gosport was also the place from which Victoria’s funeral train started on her final journey to her resting place at Windsor in 1901.

All of these events were newsworthy, and it is from the pages of the Hampshire Telegraph and The Times that this account is drawn. In addition we have the Queen’s own thoughts on places and events, drawn from the pages of her Journal.

'Discover the Hovercraft' takes you on a tour of the Hovercraft's secret world. Learn about the early days of air cushion craft, modern day Hovercraft designs and try experiments to see the Hovercraft principle in action.

  • Model Hovercraft designer Kevin Jackson takes you on a tour of the Hovercraft's secret world. Tracing the history of this extraordinary craft through early ideas and designs to modern craft.
  • Try your own experiments and demonstrate the Hovercraft principle by building and using the momentum curtain Hovercraft testbed described in this book.
  • Discover the designs used for racing and large heavy lift craft as well as other applications of the Hovercraft principle. Find out about the design of the Hovercraft skirt, engines used to power the craft, and how lift and thrust are created. Learn how and where Hovercraft have been put to use all over the world in civil and military applications.
  • 54 pages - Softback cover - ISBN 0-9753414-0-5
  • Available from
  • Kevin Jackson is from Gosport

- The Gosport Society have stocks of their publications which can be bought through the web site  at 

- Selection of books by Peter Keat - Gosport Railways

- A publication on sale in the Local Studies Building of Gosport Discovery Centre/ Elson Library. Written by Mr Philip Eley & is titled 'Gosport and the Tram: The Horse-Drawn Years' priced £1.80.

There  is a comprehensive section on Gosport ghosts in The Haunted Places of  Hampshire by local author Ian Fox.  This book (ISBN 1 85306 494 7) is published  by Countryside Books of 3 Catherine Road, Newbury, Berkshire. 

- The Purrfect Little Cat Book by Treacle Pelling A Catalogue of my Life - With a little help from my owner. £6.80 (including a donation to Cats Protection) Includes local interest.  69 pages 5x8 ISBN 9781425963729 Order from the link above or Amazon or Waterstones web sites. (18/02/07)

- William Delicate (Bill) has for the last 2 years been researching the History of the Gosport Amateur Operatic Society and has now published a book entitled:- Gosport Amateur Operatic Society - (Through the eyes of William Delicate) or (A lifetime devotion) - Click Here For More Information.

- WAITING TO DESCEND Collected poems of Harry Haines 1953-2006 £11 - Obtainable by phone 023 92 583608  or   E-Mail or from  Lee- on -Solent Bookshop or  Waterstones bookshop Fareham Precinct

- Well I’m Blowed~would you believe it- Dennis Boxall

- I have been living in Gosport since 1977, I work as a Staff Nurse in Gosport War Memorial Hospital. My book is called 'Brown Jade'  ISBN is 1-905203-95-0. Yong Pease. Link To Poster and Web Site

- St Thomas’& Elson & Hardway area by Mike Talbot at £5 (plus 50p P&P UK or £1.50 overseas) from Mike at  142 Albemarle Avenue, Gosport, Hant’s, PO12 4HY profits to St Thomas’

- D-Day as the Newspaper Boy Saw it - by David Maber £6.50

-  A new booklet entitled 'Trevor J. Tatham, Architect, of Lee-on-the-Solent' by local historian Philip Eley, is now on sale. Trevor Tatham was an architect who lived and worked in Lee between the wars.Trevor also represented Lee as a councillor before and after it became part of the Borough in 1930. He also was a teacher at the Edinburgh House School in Lee. The booklet is illustrated with architectural drawings from the original building plans. Priced £1 available from the County Library branch in Lee High Street, and also at Elson Library and ocal Studies Centre  (23/3/08)

Windmills of Hampshire/ Isle of Wight€¯  has now been printed and copies from the Mills Archive.Guy Blythman

Don’t forget to let me know if you have some link to Gosport and have written a book, or a book about Gosport .

Queen Victoria's Gosport, by Philip Eley £2.75 Elson, Bridgemary & Lee-on-the-Solent Library, Gosport Tourist Information Centre


Updates to Books by Peter Keat £2.95


Gosport Railway Society DVD with 400 Photos £2.99 from Peter Keat or TIC


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