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Books now available from the Gosport Society

- There is a new publication on sale in the Local Studies Building of Gosport Discovery Centre and Elson Library. It is written by Mr Philip Eley and is titled 'Gosport and the Tram: The Horse-Drawn Years' priced 1.80.

Discovery In-house Publications

The Place Names of Gosport by Philip Eley (8 pages)                       History and origins defining certain names in Gosport e.g. BROCKHURST:- 13th century from old English 'HYRST' a copse, by a 'BROCK' a brook.

The Architecture of the Gosport Free Library and Technical Institute by Ian Edelman (15 pages)                                                                      The history and tenants of the Gosport Museum building since 1901.

The Battle of Gosport Railway Station 1840-1841 by Philip Eley (8 pages)                                                                                                   The story of the 'battle' between the Railway Company and the Board of Ordnance regarding plans for the Gosport railway station by the ramparts.

God's Port - The Origins of Gosport by Philip Eley (8 pages)           The conflicting stories of how Gosport came by its name. Popular stories versus historical evidence.

The Gosport Iron Foundry and Henry Cort by Philip Eley (8 pages) Gosport's significant contribution to the nation's industrial history.

Beachcombing in Stokes Bay by Ruth Borthwick (14 pages)            Take a walk on the wild side of Stokes Bay with Ruth (the Science Education Officer for Search)

The above are not currently available but you can read them on the Discovery Centre Web Site

Friends of Gosport Museum Publications

Look at Gosport Town(8 pages A4 size with 35 illustrations. Price 1) Outlines major events in the history of Gosport from 1204 to 1922.

Stepping Stones of Time at Grange Farm, Rowner by Robert Whiteley (32 pages A4 size with 34 colour and 6 black & white illustrations. Price 3)                                                                                The story of Grange Farm which once covered nearly 700 acres and later use of this land for forts, airfield, HMS Sultan, Wildgrounds and housing.

If you are not able to get to the Discover Centre, please e-mail me with the ones you want and your address so we can make arrangements to get the books/ booklets you want to you.


Home Gosport Photos History Organizations Businesses

People, Maps, Local, Memories/Stories, What’s On, News

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