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Are you one of the, 100,000 or so, people who have lived in, or have any other interest in Gosport, Hampshire. Have I selected the items you want?  I will add more photos and information regularly.

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For generations stones have been thrown from Stoke Bay to the sea. How come there are still some stones left?

Gosport Organisation Press Releases

I try to do an update each week,  please let me know if anything is incorrect or you do not like something on the site, or if you feel something should be added.

I would be happy to add a page of information for any nonbusiness organisation or a listing in the business classified section for no charge.

If you provide the information on an e-mail, plain text, it will be added more quickly..

Thanks to the Visitors

Thank you for looking at the site which has been around since April 2001. I. You can check the current details by clicking the AdFree Stats link at the bottom left of all of the pages. No password is required.

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I have not made a big deal about copyright but of course all items on the site are copyright (c) 2000 - 2015 Ian R Jeffery except where stated. If you want to use something from the site, if mine if you ask, there would be no problem. If something supplied by others, I would need to ask them before allowing their use, though when I have needed to ask in the past, they have been happy that someone has shown an interest in their item. 

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If you are considering advertising on another web site, please compare what you get will A site that has been around nearly 15 years, with regular and new visitors. You can have an advert on all pages, or banners on particular pages. I have put an example of the charges, but if you have ideas of your own let me know. All income from the site is used to update, add information or publicize the web site.

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For a Calendar Month -   20

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the charge will be as above.



If you do not have anything to advertise, but wish to sponsor the work to add extra history, memories, or photos to the site you can make a donation, I have now added the possibility to make it by PayPal. If this makes you unhappy about the site please let me know, also if you do, or do not make a donation, let me know the section of the site that you find most interesting.

Home Gosport Photos History Organizations Businesses

People, Maps, Local, Memories/Stories, What’s On, News

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