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- I am researching my family tree and want to find out more about the Small family who lived in Gosport. I know they had links with the post office and some of the family moved to Walsall where I now live. Can you help? Jenny Morris (maiden name Small) (Added 10th August 2008)

- I live in Nova Scotia in Canada but my husband and I are ex South Africans. I have recently started on his family tree. We do know that an ancestor, John Osmond who was born in Gosport in June  1769  arrived in the Cape as a shipwright on HMS Lancaster, flagship of Rear  Admiral Sir Roger Curtis. He left the navy in 1803 to establish a ship  repair business and to my knowledge did not return to the UK.He died at his  residence in Simonstown in 1847. I have a good bit of information about the family in South Africa should  anyone be interested. I am very interested to know how I would go about researching his early  years and the history of the Osmond family in Gosport. We wonder if there  are any ancestors living there today? Any advice and guidance that you can give us would be greatly appreciated. Gill and John Osmond (Added 12th October 2008)

- I am searching for Darby and Tomlins families -  Darbys, ironmongers in Gosport, Portsea and Fareham in the 19th century. And  anything on Darby's Yard in Gosport. Barbara Clements (Added 30th Nov 2008)

- My Grandfather was a William Thomas Wareham who married my Grandmother Ellen Mary Windebank on 31st January 1903 in the Parish Church, Portsea. They separated around 1910 - 20. My last address for him was 15 Bedford Street, Gosport on the 12th July 1920. He was stated to be a labourer but for many years he was a Royal Marine. He was born in Chidham, Sussex on 14th May 1875. His mothers maiden name was Priscilla Jane Parrett (born 1850)and his fathers name was also William Thomas (born 1850). His brothers and sisters were as follows. Alfred (born 1880), George F (born 1878), Priscilla (born 1873), Richard (born 1884).

I cannot find any record of his death and wondered if perhaps he could have died during the bombing of Gosport. I visited Bedford Street earlier this year and found there are only 3 houses left on the street. My grandmother arrived in Ireland around 1915/16 with my mother. They were all with the British Navy. My mother Olive met my father who was involved in the war of Independence. When my mother and father married it was not greatly received by either side so as the years went on and the English side went back to England there was very little contact. I have been trying to trace my ancestors hence the information I have to date. I would be delighted if anybody could shed some light on what happened to him. Niall Cummins Leitrim, Ireland (Added 7th Dec 2008)

- I am following up my family tree and a number of my  relatives lived in Gosport.  The family name is Kentish Barnes and were  clearly a sea faring family. I have Edward Kentish Barnes and his family born  about 1843 who moved to Birkenhead eventually. I also have Samuel Kentish Barnes and his family  born 1814. living at Albert Street, Brandy Mount, Alverstoke,  Hants

There seems to be quite a lot of Kentish Barnes who  eminate from Gosport.  I don't know if you can help but if you can it would  be most appreciated. David Charles Kentish Barnes (Added 30th March 2009)

- I am looking for information on Mary Kentish, daughter of Samuel Kentish of Gosport, England. The only dates I know are that she married Charles Springett of Maidstone, England who was born in 1772 and died in 1868. I have a small portrait of her as a teen or young woman and would like to know more about this gr. gr. gr. grandmother of my husband.    Becky Shuster (Added 3rd Sept 2006)

- I am wondering if anyone remembers a Doris and Harry Parrott living at 24 Willis Road in or around 1954. I am doing my family history and a distant relative of mine has a letter with the above address and dated 1954 it is signed Uncle Harry. Doris Parrott could possibly be Doris Gertrude Cox and she is our missing branch of the tree. If anyone remembers the family and has any information on them ie did they have children and what became of them it would be great. Many thanks Margaret Hudson (27/4/09)

- Can anyone help with information on the Howe family. My grandfather, Thomas Herbert Howe, born in 1895 at Portsea. His marriage certificate in 1919 shows his rank as Corporal RMLI and his address is given as 2 Owen Street, Eastney.  His father's name is William Daniel Howe , his profession is given as Carter. I cannot find any more information on him.  I believe Thomas Howe had sibling(s) has anyone come across these names in their research. Also, apart from researching at the National Archives is there any other way of obtaining a persons navy record?  I know from records that my grandfather remained in the Royal Marines Police until his retirement in 1959/60, and was based at the Royal Victoria Yard, Deptford, London, S.E.8. 

My grandmother, Thomas's wife, was Dorothy Evalyne Cox and at the time of marriage her address is given as "Shamrock" Church Road, Warsash Her father is given as George Cox and his profession is Mariner. Her date of birth was 18 April 1898 and was born in Fareham. Does Church Road Warsash still exist or has it undergone development.  Does anyone have any of these names in their family tree?

Thomas and Dorothy Howe had two children Herbert W G Howe (my late father) born at the Military Families Hospital, Portsea and Landport in 1920 and their address is given as 185B Forton Road. Does this number still exist in Forton Road or has this undergone redevelopment. The second son Ronald was born in Warsash 1924. Margaret (Added 7th October 2007)

- I believe my ancestor WILLIAM SEAGAR (born around 1806) had some presence in the community of Gosport. He married Mary Ann Sherwood on 12 July 1830 in Fawley, Southhampton. He was I think a ships carpenter.

Their eldest son, also WILLIAM, emigrated to New Zealand in 1864“ hee was born in Gosport in 1831. According to the Cyclopedia, William Jnr. served his apprenticeship (blacksmith/later boilermaker) with the South Western Company, Southampton , was then working for the Great Eastern Railway Company, and subsequently involved in the construction of the Saltash Bridge in Cornwall and the building of the Great Eastern ship in the Isle of Dogs, London (Brunel). William Seagar jnr. and his 4 sons became very successful and well known in New Zealand as boilermakers and ship builders (Seagar Brothers).  I hope this is of some interest, and I would be very happy to hear if you know of any of the above information. If you also have any idea about the Seagar’s apparent origin being from Spanish soldiers of the Armada washed ashore on the south coast of England and assimilating into the community there, I would be most interested to hear from you! Linda Tebbutt (24/5/09)

- I'm trying to track down Kathleen Nelson ,  born in Gosport in 1899, the only daughter (I believe) of Elizabeth Pearce of  Portland, Dorset and my gr gr uncle, James Nelson of Gosport. She was  living at 63 Elmhurst Road in 1911 and was later in service in  Cheshire in the 30's and returned to Gosport in 1939 for a brief period with her  baby daughter Christine, who was then adopted by a family in London. After  that, Kathleen disappeared (as did her other son, Keith Nelson -  Christine's older half-brother). If any of that info rings a bell with anyone  out there, it would be wonderful to hear from them. Christine would love to know  what happened to her mum. Many thanks.  Emma Nelson my email - (Added 15th August 2009)

- Am interested in Roper family of Gosport. I am descended from John Roper b.1778 Gosport and his daughter Eliza b.1812. Eliza married John Ballard in 1837 in Portsmouth. Would like to discover if the Captain Henry Roper who lived in Newfoundland and was born 1820 is the younger brother of Eliza and son of John. Would be glad to share information with any others researching this Roper family.   Jennifer Read (8th November 2009)

- Another request! Do you have any info about the Buckley family who lived near to Fort Gomer Halt on the Lee-on-the-Solent line sometime between 1930 and 1960? I think they lived at House Farm or Home Farm. There were five brothers and three sisters, so I am sure somebody will remember them. I doubt if many of them are still alive. Yours,, Antony Porter. (8th Novenber 2009)

- I am trying to locate some family of my husband’s mother. Her name was Vera Open and she lived in Gosport. She married a Canadian in 1944 (Walter Sutherland) and moved to Canada after the end of WWII.  She was born in 1920 or 1921. We have so little information about her past, but are searching for somewhere we can start to trace her family. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.Cheers,  Sue Sutherland (Added 4th April 2010)

- My ancester was Rev Mordecai Andrews,b. 1717 married Sarah Maydman who inherited property in Gosport from her Aunt Jane Maydman, Janes father was Henry Maydman. The family story is that the Andrews family became dissenters from about 1600. No one has been able to find Mordecai`s family ,but we think they came from the Jewish community in or around the Gosport area. They went on to have a lot of dissenting ministers in the family. There are also many Mordecai and Gamaliel Andrews ,the name was passed down so I feel this could be a name to look for. Are you able to help ? looking forward to hearing from you Janet Neave  Australia 1/7/10

- I am doing family history and have found that one of my relatives died in Gosport. He was Arthur Charles Leach his wife Eleanor Maude Leach nee Palmer. They were at 28 Richmond Rd Gosport when Arthur died in 1969 he was a retired head gardener. Do you know of any Leachs in Gosport?  Sandra Added 1/7/2010

I have advised of the Leach names in the Phone Book Ian


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