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- Anna Rakestrow asks - I'm trying to find out what ever happened to my fathers family,his surname was  JACKMAN his name was Reuben William born October 1 19?? in Gosport .He had 3  brothers Alec, Glouster, Edward and a sister called Milly. I only ever knew Eddie and Milly the other two I have no idea  about. I have found out that their mother and father came from Portsea, and  thats all I know and now I’m stuck !!!! 

-There is a photo of a Class from Leesland School c.1919. (2nd one above) Does anyone know the teachers names?, as my  Great Aunts were both Teachers in Gosport, with one rumored to have been the  headmistress of Leesland School in the early 1900' either Martha, or Marie Williams (maiden  name).Any info will be helpful. Tom Brewer (Added 3rd June 07).

Gene Brakebill - My great grandmother Emma Wavell was born in Gosport in 1817, daughter of Edward Wavell and Hannah Emily (Hooper) Wavell. Emma had siblings Ann, Keah(?)  Mary, Jane, Edward, George Hooper, William, Martha, James, Henry Walter, Charles  and John. In some of the church Records of Holy Trinity Church, father Edward  was recorded as a butcher. Emma married Thomas Sanderson on 13 October, 1843, in Alverstoke.  They emigrated to the US ca 1853. My e-mail is . I would  appreciate any information on this family.  (I checked with Gene not of the wallpaper fame. Ian Jeffery).

My grand dad ( Leonard George Cross) managed the  White Heather pub (now Mobey House) Hard Way in the early 1920s. I am after  information and a photo if possible.

Elaine Peters (nee Ellicott) asks- I am a New Zealander whose Grandfather was from Gosport. He, two of his brothers and a cousin came to NZ in the early 1900's. The family all had connections to the navy and I am trying to find out more information.

I have been researching my father's family, which came from Gosport. In the late 1890's or early 1900's 3 brothers, Leslie Carl Hartmann Ellicott, Archie Hartmann Ellicott, and Kenneth Hartmann Ellicott and their cousin Reginald George Ellicott all emigrated to New Zealand. The story we have is that one of them was in the British navy (a lot of the birth and death certificates list family members as being 'Shipwright' or 'naval pensioner"), jumped ship in New Zealand and wrote encouraging others to join him. I am trying to find out if this was possible - in other words, did one of them jump ship in NZ? My grandfather was Leslie Carl Hartmann Ellicott.

-Curt & Barb said.My great grandfather, Arthur Victor Burt, and his  bride, Lily Eva Richardson, left Gosport soon after marrying. They were  scheduled to sail on the Titanic, but cancelled and left a month later on  another ship (thank goodness). The arrived in Vancouver, Canada, and had a  daughter just over a year after they were married. Anybody related to the  Burt's or Richardson's? Please let me know!

- I come from Gosport and moved to New Zealand in 1991, could I please request some help on your web site? I would like to ask if anyone could get some information for me from the electrol roll after 1904, my grandparents William Chippington and Eleanor Sellick were married in 1904 in Alverstoke, I have no information about my grandfather and wonder if the electrol roll would tell me his place of birth and maybe occupation. John and Elizabeth Sellick lived in Alverstoke, their children included Eleanor (my grandmother) Ada, Maud and John who died in 1916, any information will be appreciated. Thank you Regards Cherryl Thomson

- My name is Mandy. I’m looking for my Uncle Derek or Uncle Gordon, I am the daughter of Shirley. I’m residing in Perth Western Australia. I’m trying to make contact with any of my mother’s brothers or sisters; she has two sisters by the name of Margaret and Ethel. My mum came to Australia in 1966 with two daughters and her husband Michael Leech.  The  surname is Chidgey and Mandy’s e-mail is

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