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-I am looking for information on the Deacon family from Gosport / Alverstoke. The earliest I have is James Deacon who married Esther Jones in Alverstoke on 27 October 1811. They had a number of children christened at Holy Trinity, Gosport. According to one of the records James was a butcher at some stage of his life. My main interest are two sons William Edwin Deacon christened 3 January 1830 at Holy Trinity, Gosport who worked as a linen draper in Norwood, Surrey in 1871, and Robert Brady Deacon christened 3 March 1837 at Holy Trinity, Gosport who was a joiner in Aldgate, London in 1881. I am happy for my e-mail address to be printed. Dave Stevenson

-Adrian Pearman is searching for any information on William Pearman, occ. given as greengrocer, his siblings and family connections. William was born in Alverstoke in 1836, and was married to Sophia Hickmott. His parents were William Pearman, occ. given as coal merchant born in 1776 possibly in Alverstoke, who was married to Ann ???.You are at liberty to publish my email address.

- Adrian has had great success in tracing his ancestors. He has now sent a spreadsheet with his results, which he said I could add to the site You can find it here.

My father is tracing our family history. My great grandfather James Mortimore was a volunteer Fireman at the above Fire station circa 1890 and was still in service when it was taken over by the Council and as such was the first paid Fire Chief in Gosport. He was a local hero of his time and articles were written on him and his heroics. Any information or archive material (photos), would help. Please send any information to my father David Mortimore at I would like more info on the old fire brigade, my grandad joined 1884, and when the district council took control in 1897 he became  Superintendent, after 30yrs service he retired in  1914..and died in oct. 1927. I have two large  pictures of the "old brigade" which are now in the Gosport library with his long  service medal. It would like  to put names to faces.....and any other photos.   It's OK to use my EM

- I am interested in finding out about my great grandfather who  lived in Gosport and ran a fish business. He managed to buy and rent out about  15 houses up to when he died in 1908. His 6 children (one was my grandmother)  were looked after by their aunt when their mother died, followed by their father  shortly afterwards. Despite the 15 houses being held in trust till each child  came to 21, no provision was made for this aunt who had to take in washing to  live!! His name was Tott and lived in Burnett Rd Gosport   (EACH CHILD had about 660 left that's what my gran had in 1924.  She spent the lot in a year without even buying a house and lived in the rented  one with her aunt. Geoff Mawdsley

- My search for descendants of my great grandfather in the "Gosport Info" about 5 years ago. Well, someone saw your webpage in Scotland last week and my long-lost Scottish second cousin contacted me from the Isle of Islay. Your "Gosport Info" is a great way of contacting people and keeping in touch with Gosport. Thanks for all your work! Kind regards Geoff Mawdsley

- I have just traced my great great grandfather to New Barracks in Gosport in 1889, he was a lance corporal in the Military Police. Would you know any sites where I might gain more information, or know if there is any way to get access to  his career history.

- I’m trying to find out about my grandparents, who ran a small private hotel called ‘Sunny Nook’,in Lee-on-Solent, where my mother was born in 1925. My grandfather was William Napoleon BRAMBLEBY, and he was some sort of non-conformist minister -I don’t know at which church/ chapel. He died in 1971, having lived in Hastings, he had a church there. My grandmother,  Minnie Maud BRAMBLEBY died 1955. They are buried in ‘St Ann’s Hill Cemetery’-I assume is Ann’s Hill Cemetery?Bonita Morris.

- Camille says, I am trying to find out any information about me grandfather -  John Alan Webster and was Mayor of Gosport around 1940-41. He was an ex-RAF pilot were he flew Lancasters. He then became an engineer after the war before becoming Mayor of Gosport.

- James said, I'm researching the background of my grandfather Edwin Blachford who lived at Peel Road in the 1920's, which number it was is a mystery, living in Australia makes it bit more difficult, though I am interested when Peel Road actually was started ( & named ) in regards to residential building etc, since I've started research into my grandfather it's grown into a general curiosity of the whole Gosport area & history. He was one of the divers to recover gold from the Laurentic in 1919 & the years following, also involved in recovering German documents from sunken German U boats, vital information for the British Admiralty, I do believe the house in Peel Road was called Laurentic in the 1920's, unfortunately he had a tragic death in 1927 & many details on his life long gone, but I often wonder if the house is still there or if it was destroyed in WW2 from the bombing.

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