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- I am continuing family research on CHAMPION, JONES and GOSSLING families from Alverstoke/ Elson. I am looking for WHITTINGTON HOUSE, ELSON ROAD. There is no number. Many of the Champion family lived and died there. I came over from the Island and asked around the area but nobody knew which house it was. It must have been fairly big. Sarah Gossling made the downstairs into a sweet shop at one time and they were there before 1900. There was  census info on  3 Frater Lane but we couldn't find that either. Any ideas? Debbie.

- My name is Michael Kenyon. My Grandma's mother Emma  Amelia Jones was born in Gosport barracks . They lived at 35 Upper South  Street in 1868. Daughter of a soldier John Jones of the 115th or 105th Regt  (hard to read on birth cert) and mother Mary Ann Jones nee Thatcher. There doesn't seem to be a street called Upper  South Street now. Do you know if the once was such a street or was South street  divided to lower South Street and Upper South St at the time? John Jones disappeared from the census in 1870 and  Emma Amelia went to live with her mothers side Grandad and Grandma in  Wolverhampton. Is there any way of tracing what happened to him in any military records in the town of Gosport? We do not know  what happened to Mary Ann either. Perhaps he was killed in the Second Opium war  (Arrow war) or by an accident. It may make an interesting story for your site too  - the short life of a soldier in 1868 if you can solve the mystery of the  disappearance. I hope you can help! (11th March 2010)

- I have been able to confirm from a map of the 60's that before the South Relief Road cut through Walpole Park and the other roads to the West. The Upper South St part was the part that curves up between South St and Walpole Rd on the new map as Creek Rd. Ian Jeffery

- On behalf of a friend who does not have internet. I  am trying to find out about her grandfather. All I have is  Robert Anderson (we think sometimes known as  Jack). Ran the Alverstoke to Lee bus (seems to have been a private company or  franchised route) sold out to Hutfields in the 30s. That is all I have at present so any steer would  help VMT  John Herron

- I have been trying to locate my Mother's  Ancestors. They would be my 4x G Grandparents who were born in  Gosport around 1759-1763. Names being Joseph Hawkins and Sarah Hawkins. They had an only child, a son John Hawkins  b.1791  christened 21.09.1791. I don't know much more except that John went on to London and married a Mary Mackenzie and had 7 children all born around  the Southwark area of London. Their eldest, Joseph John being my Mother's  ancestor. I know about the London ancestors but would love to find  out about Joseph and Sarah from Gosport. Not much to go on  I'm sorry  to say.  I live in Western Australia so find the only way is on the  website. So if there is anyone who has a  Hawkins name in Gosport who could point me in the right direction I would be  most grateful. My e-mail is    Regards  Valerie Miles 

- Chris Graham is looking for a relative of his from England, a man named William Lawrence Saunders, Last Address Gosport Hants. His father was George Edward Whitehouse Saunders Born  August 8, 1870 Died December 12, 1956. He or the father may have been in the British Navy. Any clues or suggestions would be appreciated.

-Barry asks,  please add my site to your list. In particular the “helpMe” Page, explains my immediate quest. There are families of Cate, Marshall, Westbrook, Hobbs, Bull, Pycroft and others on my list for South Hampshire.

- I was told that there were a handful of Jewish families in Gosport  after 1790. Do you know what the names of some of those families might have been? My father came from Portsmouth [I was born and grew up in Canada, but have been living in Portland, Maine, USA for many years] I still have relatives in Portsmouth, we keep in touch. Some of us think that our Grandfather may have been Jewish or part Jewish. The research I have done so far hasn't shed any light on this, however, the Rabbi in Portsmouth told me that there were Jewish people in Gosport from 1790. Some of our ancestors came from Gosport; Elizabeth Irvin, born in Gosport in 1802, married a William Goodwin , confectioner, in 1825. Two other names in our family associated with Gosport going back to the mid-seventeen hundreds are: Dege [or, Degee], and Fancey [or, Fancy]. Terry Goodwin

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