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- I  am looking for any one who is connected  to [DOBBS] family in Gosport in the years of 1800. I am doing my family tree and have traced the  family back to Alverstoke Gosport Hampshire. Thomas Dobbs born 1816 married a Mary Miles born  1812 they had children who's names were  Martha, George, William, Thomas, Mary, James, Henry, Jane. The addresses I have for this family are  53, 145, 13, Stoke Road,

Thomas was a master brewer and Mary was a barmaid  one of these addresses was the place they lived and worked. Their son James was in the merchant navy he married  a Martha Davison who already had three children and they came  to live  in Kingston upon Hull Yorkshire. I do know the names Channon, Turnbull, Davison, Stevens, [stephens] are connected.

I would love to here from any one who can  help  or is connected to this family and still live in Gosport or the  surrounding area's or has the name been changed in any way also I would love to  find out the name of the brewery  or Public House Thomas worked  at. S Oliver (Added 7th Oct 07)

- I have a family  history query. My great-great  grandfather, Christopher Merrill, had a daughter, Jane, born at Haslar  Barracks in Gosport about 1831.  This information comes from the 1851  census. I was wondering if you knew of any records existing  from the hospital at that time.  I presume Christopher was in the Navy, as  he originated from Northamptonshire. Peter Wells (Added 14th October 2007)

- I am also looking for any relations of Emily Langridge and her husband's Leonard Francis Tucker and Robert Ernest Moore they may have the surnames Langride, Tucker, Sparkes or Moore and also for any relations of James Herbert Hampton Stent his wife Mary Ann Parvin and his common law wife Lillie/Lilian Marion Richards and her first husband Ernest Sawle  who may have the surnames Stent, Sawle, Clissold, Martin and Parvin. - Emma

- I am trying to find out more  info on a relative of mine; what I have found on the 1881 census he was a  private RMLI [FORTON] he was born in Bristol 1860 which is also my birth place  his name JAMES STAGG  but I don’t know how to follow it up. please help if  you can - Peter Stagg

- I am seeking information about my ancestor James  Holroyd, friend of William Wales, the mathematician and astronomer. He died  in Gosport in November 1785, leaving his "charts and other instruments of  navigation" to one of Wm. Wales' sons. It is therefore safe to assume that he  was a sailor or connected with matters nautical in some way, perhaps as an  instructor at a naval school. I should be most grateful for any suggested  leads! James Holroyd. Chester. (Added 28th October 2007) 

- My name is Linda Slatcher I am looking into my  grandmothers family and a little bit of info that her father was a station  master 'Gosport and lived in a large house in front of the station they had  thirteen children! his name was Samuel Sleaman I wonder   could tell me more. Linda (Added 28/10.07)

- My great-grandmother was Elizabeth Wright b. Gosport 1863. She was the daughter of Charles Wright b. Gosport 1835 and Charity Gigg b. North Waltham 1836. Elizabeth had four sisters:  Emily b. 1854, Mary Ann b. 1852, Francis Caroline b. 1856 and Sarah b.1860. Elizabeth married Robert Henry Jones in 1879 in Sydney Australia.  There is a link to the family name "Bone" as well.  Any information on the Wrights, Giggs or Bones would be greatly appreciated. Amanda

- I wonder if any one could help in finding out  more about the Cotts of Gosport. My grandfather was Percy John Cott born1896 he  was one of 11. I believe, and his father was Thomas Henry cott , him or his  father owned the white swan and stables near by. The story goes that my great grandmother lived in most of the houses from the old gas works down. Her husband  and son would go out to work and when they came home she would be gone and they  had to hunt down where. Also another story was that they were not Cotts at all  but Littlecots  G grandfather was too drunk to write the name down on  gramps birth certificate.  I would dearly love to find out more if I can so  if any one could throw some light I would be most grateful. Anita .( you can  show my email) (Added 4th November 2007)

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