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Northcott Close, 

             War Memorial Homes for the Elderly

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When I asked if alright to add imformation to the site, they were kind enough to enclose a booklet and leaflet, with a note,’feel free to use the enclosed information’, which I have here. I am sure that you will find it interesting.  

In October 1946 a Public Meeting was held to discuss the adoption of a scheme for the provision of a Town’s War Memorial and a War Memorial Committee was elected consisting of 26 persons representing the Borough Council, HM Services and the Voluntary Bodies in the Borough.The original idea was to provide an extension to the existing War Memorial Hospital but this was found to be impossible because of the introduction of the National Health Service, and eventually the Committee decided on a Rest Home for aged residents of Gosport.

In June 1947 the Committee gratefully accepted an offer from a local industrialist, Mr GV Northcott, “to make a gift of Bury Hall and grounds as a foundation for a fund for aged people”.  Bury Hall and grounds consisted of an old mansion (which had sufferedextensive war damage) and some 3.5 acres of grounds. This gift enabled the Committee to start thier appeal for funds to build the initial stage of the scheme which was planned as 20 old people’s bungalows on the eastern and western sides of the grounds.

A value payment was obtained from the War Damage Commission in respect of the ruined mansion. The appeal immediately caught the imagination of the townspeople, with the result that very shortly sufficient monies had been subscribed by voluntary organisations and businesses in the Borough to make it possible to let a contract for the erection of the 20 bungalows.

iThe local builders formed a Consortium and selected one of their number to undertake a contract at an unbelievably low figure, whilst the local builders' merchants undertook to supply bricks, sanitary ware and other fittings at trade price or below.

The Chamber of Trade organised a Trades Exhibition and succeeded in raising sufficient money to cover the cost of a completed bungalow, whilst a Charity Fund (established as a result of the loss at sea of H.M. Submarine "Thames") also donated a sum sufficient to cover the cost of another bungalow in memory of the crew who lost their lives.

A national building contractor, who at the time was engaged in developing an estate in the Borough, generously undertook (free of charge) the construction of the necessary roads and sewers to serve the bungalows, whilst the Public Utility Companies provided the utility services free of charge.

As a result of these generous donations, and the good will which was forthcoming to such an amazing degree, the bungalows were completed and fully equipped ready for occupation on 26th October 1950. The opening ceremony was performed by the Lord Bishop of Salisbury.

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