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- Did you know that if you are a member of Hampshire Libraries there are Online resources that you can use that in at least some case you would have to pay a monthly or annual fee. Try it go to www.hants.gov.uk/library/ then click the link to ‘Referecnce Library Online’ then select the resource that you want use, you will then be asked for your Library card number, your in.

- I have been having a look at your website again. Specifically I was looking at the maps page and found the links to Old Hampshire Mapped etc. nice and easy to follow. I don't know if you would want to mention this, since your users are by definition online anyway, but on the Discovery Centre has a lot of old maps (C19th/ C20th) and a street name index for them so your more local users could actually get their hands on the maps. Thanks Sue Smith, Gosport Discovery Centre, Tel: 023 9252 3431 (Added 18/3/07)

Alverstoke, Birth Marriage and Death records from 1559 to the present are available at Portsmouth City Records Office Museum Road, Portsmouth - Quote Code CHU42

Older photo can be found on the Hampshire Records Office web site  www.hants.gov.uk/record-office/photo/ search Gosport.

- In reply to one of your letters the definitive book that shows all regiments and their places of action ( listed by name of place and year of their occupation is a 3 volume book by FITZMILLER called IN SEARCH OF THE FORLORN HOPE. this wonderful book turned up answers that I had been looking for for 6 months in 10 mins! however the problem is with getting hold of a copy........the British Library London, the library in Sutton Surrey,  the library in Cambridge the NA in Kew the Army Museum in London Chelsea, these are the 4 sources that I know of unfortunately unless you are sure to need this book a lot its not worth buying it as it is expensive. Still it would definitely  have the answer, so hope this helps. Sue. (21/01/07)

- I thought you might like to know that I finally  managed to get some information about the Royal Naval School at Lee on Solent by  writing to the Naval Historical Branch at Portsmouth. Here is what Iain MacKenzie, the Curatorial Officer  at the Admiralty Library has to say: 'The Royal Naval School at Lee on the Solent had no  direct connection to the Royal Navy (nor, indeed, to Royalty), and bore the name  for only a relatively short time - when the Royal Navy asked them to change it,  they did, to Edinburgh House School, whose successor is now Ballard School,  Fernhill Lane, New Milton, Hants BH25 5SU. At a time when the Royal Navy  was the most universally admired organisation in the Empire it made sound  financial sense to give a newly-founded boys' preparatory school a nominal, if  spurious, association - there have been several Royal Naval Schools with no  organisational link to the Royal Navy.'  Just a little bit more information to add to your  archives.George Hacker

- Hampshire Records Office

- Hampshire Archives Trust

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Home Gosport Photos History Organizations Businesses

People, Maps, Local, Memories/Stories, What’s On, News

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