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I have set-up this page as a link to all the information, memories and photos of The National Children’s Home in Alverstoke that appear on the site, as a number of people have contacted me about NCH Alverstoke, so hope it will make it easier for people to find everything. If you find anything that I have missed please let me know.

- I am most interested in your NCH articles having lived myself in a NCH home with my siblings at Newton Hall in the Northwest of England. I myself run a exchildrenshome msn group. We do have one member who himself lived at Alverstoke, and of whom my be of interest to Mrs Freeman and other ex residents who have written on your website. My carer too started out at Alverstoke and is in fact from Gosport. I would be grateful if you could pass on my details to the ex residents of Alverstoke. I found your site through  Derek

- I am so excited to find the National Children's Home, on you're site. I was in the home 1963-66. I went in as an infant under the care of Sister Olive Bell, I was transferred to Sister Ivy Bell, who later became my mother. I have so many fond memories, and still keep in contact with my best friend from there, she came to see me in 2001, 37 years later, please, if you have any photo's in your archives, I'd love to see them. I also have old photos of Sunshine House, Little Church, and other houses on the site. Please let me know if there is someone I can contact, to see if I can get addresses of other children from that time. Peacock was my maiden name, please forward my e-mail address to anyone who remembers me. Lorrell in Canada

-Your 'readers' might like to visit; careleaversreunited and see if any of the people they were in care with, have added their names. It is free to register and use the site and one never knows, it might bring together old friends. Brian Coates, Ex Deputy Superintendent, NCH Alverstoke

- It may be worth your while writing to, (trace those who were in NCH); NCH Headquarters 85 Highbury Park London. Headquarters should have records going back many, many years.Brian Coates

- Children's Homes - Information Site including Alverstoke

- I have now done a dedicated web site for Alverstoke  NCH.  Check it  out at

Memories of Richard G Miller at The NCH

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Extended Family Information

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People searching to ex-residents of NCH Alverstoke

- My story of the Alverstoke children's home is not such a happy one as those on your site. My mother was in the Alverstoke Children's Home back around 1911after the death of her mother. It was not such a happy place in those days. When she use to tell me tales of her life there as a child there, I use to think it was something out of a"Dickens" story. The children were only given bread and jam and cake on Sundays for tea, the rest of the week it was only bread and dripping. Callico ( a very stiff scratchy cotton)petticoats and knickers were the order of the day along with a uniform and wooden clogs. Mum showed my grandfather her petticoat and knickers one day when he visited, her punishment was a hiding with a glosh( like the sole of a rubber slipper)If children in those days use to wet the bed they were made to sleep out on the landing without a mattress or covers on. One young girl committed suicide jumping from a bedroom window where she was so afraid of being punished. Church in the little church was attended 3 times on Sundays they use to march there and back. On leaving school at 14 mum served time in the laundry at the home, then went into service. Girls had to be in service with the same family for two years before they were released from the homes care, unfortunately the gentleman mum was sent to died before her two years were up, she had to return to the home where she became a sister there herself. Cecilia Perfitt ( 25/06/2006)

childrens home school alverstoke-Sandra Meacock

I noticed you had all about the Children’s Home at Alverstoke. I was there in the late 1940’s probably ‘47/49’, I lived at Clayhall and attended the Children’s Home school. I have enclosed a photo that I recently found taken there, some of the children were from private homes but the majority were living in the Children’s Home, perhaps someone might even recognize themselves. Sandra Meacock. (Added 6th May 2007)

- I am seeking information about my mother's stay in the home. I believe she was there from some time in 1913 until she went into service. She would have been about 7 years old when she arrived and was with her two sisters who were also placed there at the same time. Their names were Amy,Doris and Eva Hill. Any information would be most welcome. Jane Belcher

Home Gosport Photos History Organizations Businesses

People, Maps, Local, Memories/Stories, What’s On, News

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