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On the next few pages is some of the history of RH Haslar and photos collected by the Haslar Heritatage Group I wish to thank Eric Birbeck of the Haslar Heritage Group



There follows a listing of Commanding Officers of the Royal Hospital Haslar from the 12th October 1753 to the 31st March 2007.

The listing has been taken from available information within Royal Hospital Haslar using name and title boards.

The information has been directly transcribed from the title boards and apologies are made should names be missing, or errors occurred. The fault if any lies with the person who held the paintbrush at the time and whose brushes will have long lain idle!

Physicians and Council                               

10 Oct  1753  George  Cuthbert MD

1 June 1758  James   Lind MD Father of Naval Medicine.

24 June 1783  John   Lind MD

Governors, as Royal Navy Captains not Medical Officers.

26 August 1795  William Yeo   Capt   (Buried in the paddock of RH Haslar)

1  July 1808  Charles   Craven  Capt

24 Feb 1820  H  Garrett  R/Adm

5   Apr  1838   Sir E  Chetham Kt KCH  Capt

2   Dec 1841  J  Carter   Capt

2   Dec 1846 Sir WE  Parry Kt FRS  Capt

26 July 1852  WJ  Hope-Johnstone Capt

6   May 1853  GWC  Courtney  Capt

14 Dec 1854  H  Smith CB  Capt

10 July 1855  Sydney C Dacres  Capt

5   Jun 1858 Hon GF   Hastings CB  Capt

27 Apr 1863  HE  Edgell CB  Capt

20 Jun 1864  CFA  Shadwell CB  Capt

25 Jan 1869  G  Wodehouse  Capt

Inspector – General of Hospitals and Fleets

12 Apr 1869  J  Salmon MD

18 Apr 1873  WRE  Smart CB MD

13 Nov 1877  WT  Domiville CB MD

25 Nov 1879  JW  Reid MD Dep IG

1   Apr 1880  DL  Morgan CB MD

8  Jun  1883  Ahmuty Irwin CB MD

2  Jun  1884  James N Dick (Medical Director General)

7  Jun  1887  John  Breakey MD

25 Apr 1889  Doyle M  Shaw CB

25 Apr 1892  ET  Mortimer

2  Jan  1894  Duncan Hilston MD

2  Jan  1897  A  Turnbull MD

9  Mar  1898  H  MacDonald CB

12 Jul  1899  HD   Stanistreet

18 Mar 1901  RW  Coppinger MD

15 Mar 1904  HM   Ellis

Inspector – General of Hospitals and Fleet

1  Jul  1907  J  Porter CB MD (Medical Director General)

1  May 1908  TD  Gimlette CB

Surgeons – General

1   May  1911 H Todd CB  KHS

5  Jun  1913  JJ  Dennis CB MD

Surgeon Rear Admirals

26 Jun 1916  C  Welch CB

4   Oct  1918  AG  Wildey CB

5   May 1920  W  Bett CB MVO

26 Apr 1923  A  Maclean CB MB KHS

26 Apr 1926  DW  Hewitt CB CMG MB FRCS

9  May 1929  HC  Whiteside CB

7  May 1932  WW  Keir CMG KHS

1  May 1935  CL  Buckeridge CB OBE KHS

25 Nov 1937  T  Creaser MD BCh DTM&H KHP

25 Nov 1940  W  Bradbury CBE DSO MB BCh

27 Jan 1945  HRB  Hull CB KHS

27 Oct  1946  JA  O’Flynn CB KHP

21 Mar 1948  JA   Maxwell CB CVO CBE KHS

15 Jun 1949  FG  Hunt CB CBE QHP

30 Oct  1952  J  Hamilton CB CBE QHS

30 Jun 1955  ET  Rudd CB CBE QHS

30 Jun 1958  G   Phillips CB QHS

30 Jun 1961  DD  Steele-Perkins CB CVO QHS (Medical Director General)

8   Jun 1963  JM  Holford CB OBE FRCP

1   Apr 1966  EB   Bradbury CB QHP

7   Jul  1969  NS  Hepburn CB CBE QHP

30 Jun 1972  CLT  McClintock CB OBE QHS

Surgeon Captains

30  Jun 1975  APM  Nicol CBE MVO FFARCS

4   May 1976  FAF  Mackenzie QHP FRCR

9   May 1978  PW  Head OBE QHS FRCS

8  Jan  1982  JW  Richardson OBE QHS FRCS

26 Apr 1983  JB  Drinkwater QHS FRCS

3  Apr  1984  R  Radford CBE QHS FFARCS

11 Nov 1986  DA  Lammiman LVO FFARCS QHS

13 Dec 1988  F St C  Golden OBE PhD MB BCh

4   Sept 1990  IL  Jenkins QHS FRCS

Surgeon Commodore 

1   Dec 1994  IL  Jenkins QHS FRCS (Surgeon General)

Commander Royal Hospital Haslar

Following Royal Hospital Haslar becoming a Tri-Service Hospital 1 April 1996

2   Apr  1996  Brigadier  GE Ratcliffe QHP FRCP

15 Mar  2000  Air Commodore TW     Negus OBE FDSRCS

Royal Hospital Haslar and MDHU(P)

Following Royal Hospital Haslar entering into partnership with Portsmouth Hospital Trust.

30  Mar  2001  Surgeon Captain LJ Jarvis MBBS FRCR

9 Dec  2003  Surgeon Captain J Campbell FRCS(Ed) FRCS (En) RN

On the 31st March 2007 253 years and 169 days of continuous service as a hospital will cease. Surgeon Captain J Campbell RN will cease command as the 73rd commanding officer of RH Haslar. Listing compiled by

Eric C Birbeck MVO Haslar Heritage 2007.

Reproduced by Kind Permission of      The Haslar Heritage Group and Photos to GMP RH Haslar as Crown Copyright

Matrons at RH Haslar

RH Haslar Photos

Haslar The Royal Hospital by A.L.Revell available from The Gosport Society


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