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I was born in Blakes and been in the “cockle pond” more than once so consider myself a proper Gosportonian

I lived in Cobden Street opposite the St Vincent Mill lane entrance and have fond memories of being chased from the sports field by the “Parky” many times. St Vincent had the best firework displays ever as they reputedly made their own!

St Georges barracks was pretty busy in the late 50’s early 60’s and quite a few of my school friends live in the MQ’s there. I remember that there were a number of walnut trees in the grounds which were delicious. There were generally a few DUKW’s (spelling?) on the site and the guardroom was permanently manned. When I cut my ankle on the railway embankment the duty medic sewed me up (don’t know what H&S would make of that today).

Freight trains were still trundling around the place and Lee still had a tower and a pier.

I now work at the old HMS Dolphin site and witnessed the sad closing down of Haslar. Gosport itself is no longer the busy exciting and interesting place it once was. Can anyone remember the sign on the Fareham Rd entering Gosport that said “welcome to Gosport - motorist paradise” !!! That road was rarely busy as all the military units had personnel and families that only needed to walk or cycle to work negating the need to commute daily out of town. Few would recognise or believe that today. The lack of Central Government investment, almost non existence military presence (by contrast) and the dynamics they brought with them, has in my opinion, left Gosport in a sorry state. Look at the High street,  fast food outlets, charity shop and  1 shops are all that seem to be thriving (with a couple of exceptions). I am still hugely fond of my town but would like to see a planning strategy that would see it invigorated.

Ah! Rose tinted spectacles and all that.


Brian Pink     ©2009

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