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NCH Alverstoke & Stone Lane School

I have been looking at the site with interest. My good lady has already got her comments on previously but I was particularly drawn to the comments made by various members of the NCH Alverstoke. Most of the experiences seem to be in my era. I can recall most of the memories they describe although their name are vague. I lived in Alverstoke from circa 1946 thru to 1959 when I left to join the Royal Air Force at age 15+.

I lived in Somervell House with Sister Joyce Robinson keeping order. This house was opposite Stephenson House I believe and very close to the Piggott Hall where, when I was older we used to have Saturday night dances. OOOer Matron !! These were my first experiences of the music coming out of the USA and that music has never left me.

I was also in the Choir based in Little Church, indeed that was where I married Valerie in 1965 - I do think its a Church anymore though as last time I looked it was converted into a Fitness Gym !!!!

T G Thomas was the Governor and I was great pals with his son so that got me a few browny points, although in retrospect I seemed to get whacked just as often as any other boy for my sins - which were many !!.

I went to Stone Lane and do remember Mr Frampton (recalled by another of your posters) who set me up on my road to playing football and it was down to him that I ended up representing the Royal Air Force as he taught me the basics of playing and teamwork. He always wore yellow gloves in the Winter as I recall.

On leaving SL I then joined Privett Sec Mod and done me time before eventually taking the RAF Apprentices exam and then went on to a lot of adventure in all parts of the world before leaving the Airforce in 1972 and then joined the financial sector in the City of London which kept me employed until 2006 when I left to take up a more leisurely lifestyle.

I can remember Kenneth More visiting the home - us boys wanted to know how come he got his legs back !! (Think about it !!)

My claim to fame in the NCH was, as a choirboy, I had my photo, along with, I think a lady called Margaret Turner. in our choir kit, and this photo was eventually plastered on all NCH marketing media for some time. I still have that photo somewhere !!.

Some names I will be able to recall but others maybe will require a little more info to jolt the memory.

Brian F Richardson

NCH - 1946 - 1959 an’ still going !!

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