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Memories of Carol/ Mike Flynn of Gosport’s Games and Video Shops

I would like to put a story together (in the memories section) about 2 good shops in Stoke road, Gosport.

The 2 shops are J Records and Gosport Games Centre, both are gone now, and are really missed, back in 1998 there were 3 good video game shops in Gosport, Novatec, M P Video and Gosport Games Centre, and now sadly all gone, Novetec was the first to go, then a year later M P Video closed down, saying that they could not compete with GGC, and then a few years later Gosport Games Centre shut, I think the owners of GGC went to live in Spain.

My memories of these shops were going from one to the other asking for the best price for selling my unwanted games, and to be honest Gosport Games Centre offered the best prices all the time, and he gave you a better price if you had brought the game from him in the first place, I remember the owners Andy and Dee, and they had a their boys work there too, and also a dog (a border collie) use to be in the back room, I always use to go in for a chat and a coffee, and Andy would show me what new games had come out that week, and we would have a game of V Pool on the N64, while Dee put the kettle on….my membership number was 451 and at one time they had over 700 members, I remember Andy saying they started off buying games consoles and games out of the free-ads on a Wednesday and Saturday, he also had a friend with a games shop in Southampton, Steves Video Games and they use to swap games around because some games sold better in other towns than others….what great times.

J records I really miss, he was the best dvd shop in town, always a friendly face, and always gave a good price when buying dvds of me, does anyone know what happened to John.

I really miss these old times and wish things didn’t have to change, but of course they do!

If anyone reads this and knows how I can contact GGC or J Records, then please let me know.

Mike & Carol Flynn  (2010)

I have some info for Carol and Mike on the where abouts of Andy and Dee who use to own Gosport Games Centre.

Its true they did move to  Spain, they have been living in Spain for 8 years  and enjoying the sun, they run a business and seem to be doing quite well!

I went out to visit them last  October 2011 and had a great time, my husband and Andy are very good  friends and i knew Dee from school and now we are also thinking of  moving to Spain.

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