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My fathers  family lived at 21  Village road Alverstoke  from the death of my Grandfather in 1924 thru till 1940 when they moved to Northcross, during the war A family of 7 children.

My father used to assist the milkman ( horse and cart)  and my g mother played the organ at ST Marys, MY parents were married in the church and I was christened there.I have visited several times I am keen to pass on  the sacrifices  the villageof Alverstoke made during the second world war,.

I’m sure there is a list somewhere  but what’s different is My father knows more details

I have compiled a list of those killed in the first year of the war  and how they met their fate( from my fathers recall)

My fathers  great friend for example Allen  Ball  lies in the Royal Oak  in Scapa flow,( the one time  verger of St Marys son  is also on the list)

The list is at home can you respond to this e mail address below should you express an interest.

Our family connection ( both sides) with Gosport goes way back MY grandfather¬  was an Alderman ( Percival Smith) and was responsible for the establishment of a Masonic lodge in Gosport, He was a great movie fan and we have had( since donated to Gosport library )¬  a film of the Silver Jubilee showing the revue at Spithead of the fleet ( 1911?) showing  the councillors( inc my grandfather) in full regalia  and those plumed hats, I do have a video copy , but have so many videos, its somewhere in my collection, I have many many stories  of recollections of my parents who lived their youth in the Area,

My Uncle Gerry Mulholland ran the Chemist shop at lee on solent for many years until he retired.

. All l the family were in the services¬  and the 3 Priscott brothers in the royal marines ( ( prev generation) first world war¬  were well know in the town))

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