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- I was wondering if anybody remembers the dancing schools "Sunshine  Kiddies" and "Marina Juveniles" ? If my memory serves me correctly, the  former school was near the Ferry Gardens, but I cannot remember the name  of the Road. We used to wear pale green dresses with a flared skirt and  an red embroidered emblem encircled in red on the bodice. The other  school I think was either at Nicholson Hall, or nearby, I think a Mrs.  Sainsbury played the piano for us. Wendy Atkins (24/2/08)

- Hi in answer to (the above), I was a Sunshine Kiddie. It was at number 1 Parham Road, my sister was also a Sunshine Kiddie and many of the dance teachers that have schools in Gosport now were Sunshine Kiddies, I'm still in touch with them all. I think it was Nanny Smith that first taught then Auntie Peggy and then Miss Lesley. Alison Gaterell nee Marshall ( 2nd Mar 2808)

- I was a sunshine kiddie - believe it was  run by Peggy Smith. I think it was in Parham rd Gosport. Were you there when we  learned the tap dance for the record breaking event with Roy Castle? I'm going  back some time - probably about 1980ish. Jane Windsor (Added 2nd March 2008)

- I was a Marina Juvenile, circa 1945. I joined with my friend  Doreen Voller. We wore black skirts with red trimming and I think a  different colour for concerts. Miss Lockyer (her married name was Henning?), was the principal and she had a son who was in the troupe. I remember  her tapping to 'Shine on harvest moon' at one concert.Later I was with the Jubilee School of Dancing, run by Dorothy Stevens, her  mother Mrs. Smith played piano. We had our own intro. song, Jubilee children, wearing a smile, Greeting the world in the Jubilee style, etc. I was in the 'Dinah' line, with, Jean Ackland, Phyllis May,Valerie Eaves,  Challis Bence and others whose names I can't recall. Over the years I have been choreographer for various musicals and variety  shows and keep a pair of tap shoes, although I can no longer do more than a  few steps! A Happy New Year to you and your readers,  Jean Wood (nee Marston) Albany, Western  Australia (8th Feb 09

- Just read the dancing school memories, in response to Jane Windsor yes I was in the record breakers tap dance with Roy Castle, I have the news clipping on video!!! I'm still in touch with a lot of sunshine kiddies as a lot of us are dance teachers ourselves now. Auntie Peggy is still going strong although Uncle Steve sadly past away a few years ago now. Alison (15/2/09

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