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- I often look at your site, having been born in Gosport (Freemantle Road) I noticed you had all about the Children’s Home at Alverstoke. I was there in the late 1940’s, probably 47/49, I lived at Clayhall and attended the Children Home school. I have enclosed a photo that I recently found taken there, some of the children were from private homes but the majority were living in the Children’s Home, perhaps someone might even recognize themselves. Sandra Meacock (Added 28th May 2007) 

childrens home school alverstoke Sandra Meacock

I entered the N.C.H in November 1959 I remember that day, I was driven down from London to Alverstoke with my two sisters and older brother. We had earlier said goodbye to our mother who could not come with us as she was to ill to travel. We did not know then that would be the last time we would see her. We drove into the grounds of Alverstoke to be greeted by the two big trees looking menacingly down at us outside the admin block, Atkinson House. we were then taken inside to have our admission processed by Mr Thomas, the four of us were then taken over to Stevenson B house under the care of Sister Gertrude. I do not remember my Christmas. but the New Year is a different story. The four of us were taken into sister Gertrudes room to hear the news no child wants to hear, our mother had passed away (the worse day of my life). I knew then I was in for the long haul, after a couple of weeks things started to get back to normal well as normal as a seven year old can make it. I was introduced to a married couple from Portsmouth who took me out for the day they must have liked me because I soon staying at their home most weekends, this went on for about a year until they had their own baby. I did go a few times after that then it suddenly stopped, my sell by date had expired, so I done the thing any misguided kid would do I joined our church choir. There was good times and they out weighed the bad ones. I had a brief spell outside the home for about a year, but returned (my own choice) I was then placed in Cranliegh House with sister Myra in 1964, there I stayed until I left in July 1967, I returned to London to start my working life. I had many good times in my Two Spells at Alverstoke, my main friends were Richard Thomas, George Dodd, Peter Keane, Michael Mckee,& Tony Bennets does any one remember these boys. Dovey (Micheal Dove) (Added 3rd June 2007)

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