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I was a resident at the National Chlidren's Home in  Alverstoke near Gosport, with my brother Julian from 1956 untill 1962. I was  born in 1951 and my brother was born in 1955.

I attended the primary school in Stone Lane Gosport  during this time. I am keen to get in touch by email with anyone who was at  either of these two places in the 50's to swop memories and if possible obtain  photos.

I believe the person in overall charge at the  Childrens Home was a Mr. T. H. Thomas.

I was in a House run by "Sister" Gertrude. I  believe her surname was Stephenson. The house in the Childrens Home I lived in  was Stephenson "B". To begin with my brother was in Anglesey Lodge until he was  old enough (aged 2 I believe) to come and live in the same house as  me.

My memories of the Childrens Home include the  freedom we had to wander around the local countryside, running after the bakers  van which used to deliver and the smell of fresh baked bread. We used to buy day  old cakes from the breadman. I also remember a Santa arriving on a horse drawn  sleigh! and waking up on Christmas morning to a pillowcase of toys etc at the  end of my bed.

I remember I slept in a small dormitory possibly 6  - 10 boys there were girls in the house but they had ther own bedroom. I believe  the boys bedroom was on the ground floor. I rember watching The Lone Ranger on a  black and white TV, and The Sunshine Club arriving with Movies to show us  all.

I have many other memories of the Home but I can't  rember any of the other children who went to it. I do have one photo only of a  number of children, including myself, taken within the grounds of the Home

Group at National Childrens Home

Richard Miller

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Both photos supplied by Richard Miller. Click them to see larger photo.

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