Further Memories of Sheila Freeman & Lorrell

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Of Sheila Freeman:

National Children’s Home - Alverstoke

As a direct response from the Gosport website, I received an email from an old NCH boy.  It turned out that we were in the Children’s Home the same time, but in different houses. 

The old memories came flooding back and we were soon recalling old times.

Our Open Days during the summer, when the home was opened to the general public.  All the children were involved in setting up stalls, marking out bowls pitches and decorating the grounds ready for visitors.  

Christmas Parties the Royal Navy used to give us on board various ships.  They entertained and treated us like celebrities.

Saturday pictures at the Ritz in Gosport.  The first film I remembered was Reach for the Sky which stared Kenneth Moore.  He came to the Children’s Home not long after making this film.

The email came with the attached photograph below of the May Fair.  I remember dancing round a maypole and making daisy chains to wear around our neck, aged about six.  Imagine my surprise, when I found myself on one knee at the front (4th from the right).  To see this picture after all these years, made me feel quite emotional.  For many children, including myself, this was home.

Memories of Lorrell of Canada

I am so excited to find the national children's home, on you're site. my gosh... I was in the home from 1963-66. I went in as an infant under the care of Sister Olive Bell, at nine months, I was transferred to Sister Ivy Bell, who later became my mother. I have so many fond memories, and still keep in contact with my best friends from there, Ann Millard. who now lives in Portsmouth. she came to see me actually , in 2001, 37yrs. since I'd seen her last.. amazing really. Please, if you have any photo's in you archives, I'd love to see them. I also have old photos of Sunshine House, Little Church, and some other houses on the site. thank you so much. Lorrell. p.s. Could you please let me know if there is someone I can contact, to see if I can get addresses of other children I remember from that time. Thank you.

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