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Of Alverstoke and Gosport

The National Children’s Home, Alverstoke.

The picture of Stokes Bay, (on this site) brings back many fond memories of the first thirteen years of my life, which were spent in the National Children's Home, Clayhall Road, Alverstoke.

There are so many stories to tell and a few old photo's to share.  Please find (below) a picture of our "Little Church" as it used to be.  I was in the choir, like many of the boys and girls.

The girls wore a long black gowns, white collar with a fancy frill which hung down the front  and a black square pointed hat, which sat on the back of the head. The boys wore a long black robe with a white smock over the top.

The outside village communities would join with us on Sunday's for morning and evenings services.  I felt so important walking up the isle with the choir as the service began. This time of year brings back fond memories, of when I was Mary in the nativity play which we staged  in front of the alter.  Another year I was an angel.

Gosport also holds many memories:

I can remember the old car ferry which went from Gosport to Portsmouth on chains. The old paddle steamer that sailed to the Isle of Wight. The naval docks on how they used to be, all hustle and bustle. Barrage balloons which occupied Portsmouth Harbour. Old battle ships and aircraft carries and the Christmas parties the Navy used to give us  on board many of those old ships. One year, we had a party on board an American submarine.

 So my thoughts of Alverstoke and Gosport are with great affection.

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Written by Sheila Freeman

The words in brackets have been added by me.Ian Jeffery

Further Memories of Sheila Freeman

Peter Keogh said - I was a resident of Gosport from 1940-1948 when I was sent to NCH at Alverstoke. in 1951 I was sent to Australia as a child migrant. I still have recollections of Gosport/Alverstoke after so many years and would relate them if anyone was interested.

I live in one of the houses which was part of the Home from 1901. ie CHADWICK House, no 14 St Marks Road. I am trying to trace the history of this house do you have any contacts that could help me. Do have a copy of an old photo of 1901 showing the children outside the house when it was a hospital Does anybody know where the name Chadwick House came from D W Burgess

Hi, my name is Lynda and i was in the childrens home in 1983 until it closed in 1984. I had some great times there and it was such a shame that it closed. I would be fascinated to learn more of how it used to be many years ago

Lynne said, am wonderng if you have any information about Wakefiled House in Stokes Bay? My sister was stationed there, whilst she was in the WRENS during WWII.     I understand it became a childrens' home and has since been demolished.A picture as it used to be and any history of its wartime use would be much appreciated for a special display her family is putting together to celebrate her 80th birthday.

Sue said, My father was in the National Childrens Home Alverstoke in 1917 having been sent by St Columb Major Union.  He was later moved to NCH Alexandra Road, Farnborough, where he stayed until 1927.  I have been fortunate to obtain all his records from that time.Would you have any idea if there are any records available for 1917 Alverstoke and if so where do I look ?

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