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I served with 76 Squadron Royal Corps of Transport  (Royal Army Service Corps) Landing Craft Tank, known as 76 Sqd RCT LCT, from  1963 till 1966. I myself was in the Army Catering Corps (ACC) serving on board  the landing craft that were based in HM Gun wharf on the Portsmouth side. When  not on board ship we used to stay in St Georges Barracks Gosport, we moved there  from a Marine Barracks on the Portsmouth side I cannot remember the  name.

I have many happy memories of St Georges barracks,  and the picture of the gym reminded me of the time the RASC Military Band gave a  concert in the gym it was fantastic, and after some of us went to a pub with  some band members, I think it was The Railway Arms! and the band members that  were with us had an impromptu jam session that went on late into the  night.

The Railway pub landlord used to let us squaddies  run up a bar tab, which we found very handy, but the pub we used most was The  Fox Just around the corner I suppose it was closer, also it was opposite a  bookmakers shop which if I remember right had just become legal.

Some times when I was not on board ship I used to  help out in the officers mess when there were having a do, I remember that they  had a civilian cook who was an ex German POW, I remember that we used to trap  pigeons on the roof and make Pigeon Pie.

Also there was an odd job man who used to keep the  grounds tidy he was an ex Commando I cannot remember his name but he was  reluctant to talk about the war, and he never swore but used to say "Frigging  this or frigging that".

Things were easy going at St, Georges Barracks, and  although we were Army we had a distinctive uniform which consisted of policeman's  navy blue trousers, blue navy¬  work shirt, and a white roll neck pullover. with  this we wore an Army beret and Army badges of rank.¬  The other thing I remember  is that we never wore Army boots we were issued with black shoes.

On our upper sleeves we wore the Squadron badge  which was a replica of the Squadron flag which was a Union Jack in the upper  left hand corner of a navy blue background with crossed swords on the middle of  the blue part of the flag.

I do remember that when we moved into the barracks  it had just been refurbished and everywhere had been spray painted with a  speckled type of paint, the barrack rooms were quite large roomy and airy ¬ and as I remember we only had about five people  to a room.

Well that's all I can remember for now, if you would  like to hear some more memories let me know.

Alan George Britton

Ex Lance Corporal 23745756 ACC.

By Alan G Britton 2007

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