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As a child, my family and I lived in London. My mother's parent's retired in 1960 to  Alverstoke, just off Jellicoe  Avenue. I remember staying for the summer holidays every summer with them  at the "new house"  Several times a week, Grandpa would take us to town,  to Pompey, or up the "Hill" to Waterlooville for lunch. I remember the  green Provincial No. 10 single-decker bus pulling up to the stop and  Grandpa saying, "Two and three-halves, please!" to the driver. I recall  the fare being 6d for Grandpa and Grandma and 3d for each of the three of  us.

I am now 50, give or take a couple of  months, and I discovered your site (as I do everything else on the  Internet, by accident, looking for something else!). I was looking at the  picture selection you have, and I began to think.Is Stanley Park still at  the end of Solent Way, on Western Way? I surely would like to see  pictures of those gorgeous flower beds that used to be there; I'd love to be  able to show my children how "real" gardens are done. I remember  Grandpa  taking us for morning coffee at Alverbank, if we were good. What a treat! Coming back from an afternoon of swimming in The Bay,  we would walk through Stanley Park.  We would play under the trees, and  sometimes stop in the aviary and look at the birds. We might stop at the  ice cream shop in the back of Alverbank, "to get out of the wind and warm  up". Grandpa would by us each an ice cream. "Rockets" were my  favorite - red, white and blue for 9d! 

Also, I remember the Ritz. Grandma and Mum  took us to see "Mary Poppins" when it was released. Grandpa and Grandma  took us to see the wonderful Mr. Burl Ives (now deceased) in "Sammy the  Seal". Our "after-the-cinema" treat, was to walk along High Street, down  to the Hard, and go in the Porthole and each have an order of cod and  chips. A summer evening, sitting in the Ferry Gardens, feeling the breeze,  and chewing on fish and chips. That's the good life! Once we even  missed the last No. 10 bus back to Jellico Avenue, and had to catch the No. 11,  that went through Alverstoke, out to Haslar. That night we had to walk  back through the village, as well.

We strolled along, singing songs such "100 Bottles  of Pop on the Wall", Grandpa, Grandma, Mum, my brother, sister and me.  What a sight!!

Anyway, we summered with Grandpa and Grandma every  year from the time they retired to Alverstoke in 1960 until we moved to the  United States in July 1971.  We even managed to cover a couple of  Christmases there, too.

In 1971, my family moved to the United  States. My children are now having their own children  and I thought  it would be wonderful if I could put together a collection of pictures for each  of them to keep to show their children. After all, they know about their  American heritage. They have a second heritage which they should know, as  well. (Long ago, I had whole collections of pictures that I had taken  myself as a young person, but unfortunately they were destroyed in a house  fire. I am just thankful I kept my life that night!) I should  like to have permission to save some of the pictures on your site to disc,  simply for the purpose of creating a library of pictures for my offspring. Also, if anyone would like to e-mail me with things they recall from that era, or  have pictures they would be willing to share, please feel free to provide them  my e-mail address at From Sue Graham                                         (I am across the Big Pond in South  Carolina)

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