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Thank you for the further information you sent me, but I  cannot trace on your site the Middlecroft Pub and the "lane"  photo's.

I have attached a photo of a street party in Northcroft  Crescent where I lived. When  I looked at your Northcroft Road photo's I  lived on the left about the 3rd car down...number 25.

The street party I believe was about 1943-45, the closest I  have, but probably D-Day ?? I was born in Dec of 1941 and I am back row fair  haired, sitting front of the women in the white "pinny"

If you have time could you confirm where the Middlecroft  pub is and the Lane photo's, as I would like to print off and send to my Dad  (93/4 age). The Orchard mentioned in the write-up in the lane  enroute to the cemetery, was my favourite "scumping" ground, we used to climb  the fence and pinch the apples.

Trevor (Added 21st September 2015) (From email 13th March 2004)

Northcroft Cresc 1943-45 Trevor Rogers

My name is Colin Hunt and I may have a few snippets of information for you regarding the post-war Ritz. My dad, Bill Hunt was originally the Chief Projectionist of the Shaftesbury Cinema in Kingston Road in Portsmouth and was offered the post of chief at the Ritz which he took up mid 1960s? The Ritz, the Criterion Gosport, The Shaftesbury Portsmouth, the Palace Portsmouth and the Gaiety Portsmouth all belonged to a company called Portsmouth Town Cinemas. Many members of my family had been employed by the company over the years. (Added 17th May 2009)

- Having been born in Gosport but moved away many  years ago, I was absolutely delighted to find your site, brought back many  memories especially Forton Road (Not explored the whole site yet) I instantly  remember in the 60's Mr Joint The Chemist, Skinner Sisters cake shop, Mr Grogan  the ironmonger, Didymus the Grocers (I use to work for John) before that is was  Worsnams, Hutfield & Wheeler, Ansells Chippy (Where my Uncle Curly a Rat  catcher use to work 2 nights a week, I use to go and get two lemonade bottles of  beer from the bottle & Jug in the Five Alls Pub) I was working in Didymus from 1964 to 1966 before moving  to Norton's Wavy Line in Rowner,  Dennis Staples (Added 21st Feb 2010)

Home Gosport Photos History Organizations Businesses

People, Maps, Local, Memories/Stories, What’s On, News

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